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Full Version: Bicycle, Baby, Beach house Dreams, 2.22.16, AM
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Multiple dreams again.

Scene 1. I am riding a bicycle and other people are walking. I get to a spot in the path that is very steep and the path goes down into a valley. I think that maybe I should just walk my bike down so I won't fall trying to ride it. Once I get to the bottom I realize I lost my bicycle along the way so I start back to find it. (afterthoughts: I don't own a bicycle or have ridden one in years. On the way to work this morning I saw a man riding a bicycle along the hwy. I have driven this same road at the same time for 3 years and this is the first time I see someone riding a bicycle.)

Scene 2. I am holding a co-worker's 6mth old baby and the baby wants to talk with me. We talk for a bit and then I give her back to her mother. I notice a fireplace mantle & see Easter baskets for each of the family members. (afterthoughts: I don't remember what the baby and I talked about.)

Scene 3. I am in London or somewhere near there. I have business to take care of. (afterthoughts: I have been to this place before in dreams.)

Scene 4. I am at a beach house talking with a young woman and then my ex-husband walks in. We talk for a while and the woman leaves and the ex is upset that she is leaving. He is worried that she will get hurt. I talk with him and try to help. We then notice people arriving at the other beach houses near us. We go back in the beach house. (afterthoughts: I have been to this place in dreams recently. It seems to be a meeting place for Dreamers.)
Scene one seems to be a traveling dream again....