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three times last night I had a vision highlighting a previous dream. I saw a video page of the youtube I made of the dream 'red ants bald eagles"
the page was like it was on a movie screen and under focused spotlights.
Interesting dream. Many years ago (over 10 years), I read another dream on 'red ants and bald eagles', I don't remember exactly how it went, but was something to the effect of they saw they were an eagle, and seemed to be flying over sand, red sand, that when they looked closer the sand was moving and it wasn't sand, but red ants walking back-and-forth, the eagle fell down and was instantly devoured by them. They took the dream to be the U.S. looking down on China for so long, but the U.S. stuttered and fell, and in that moment, China overtook them. Quite prophetic at the time to look back at that now.

Don't know if this helps any, or not.
WOW! thanks for sharing Skeetersaurus!