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Full Version: I Dreamed people were missing~
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I know that a bit of this dream, I have forgotten. I was talking to someone in my home, looked out the window and the people that were supposed to lived next door were not there. But, vague now yet am certain that it wasn't just one family or house. I had this amazement that they're gone, they're not out there....the feeling was a little? ominous. I commented to whomever it was in my home about missing people.

I do know I was thinking to myself how I've seen them many times, looking out that side of the house tons of times and poof! was the feeling that not only they were missing, but all evidence that they'd been over there, lived there was gone, too as if they never happened.
Wow, Nanny, that IS a pretty ominous dream. Was this at your current location, or your new one? And I'm going to ask the usual, did you get a sense of time of year or any indication of why they were missing? Did you feel threatened yourself?

BTW, you are my dream hero for continuing to strive and post. My recall has petered off again, my nite owl tendencies have returned (was reminded today that I was born at 2:01 am, so no wonder!), and I am not making sure to have my journaling at the ready. Had too much on my mind lately, but that's no excuse! Thanks for posting and reminding me to do the same!!!
I am glad this place exists. I haven't even considered having a journal, but it's not a bad idea. Hero? I'm doing nothing, not even reminding myself I'll remember, oh! but a very few nights I've hoped that I would.

I crashed after midnight two nights in a row, but remembered this one I just recorded, anyway. Oh, I've failed to put dates on my dreams here but I know for certain that they all were dreamed the night before recording them.

I remember being seriously concerned, but not in fear for myself. Their yards, houses, etc. were gone, all evidence. Oh, I remember how blank, void and unattractive it was to see nothing but I think carpet grass, their yard was still there, I mean grass was all, not their trees, shrubs or anything.

I saw green grass, so that would indicate in most places that it was not winter.

LOL about you being born that late. I was born at 10:33 PM, yeah, those numbers stand for "emergency" in the Radio "Ten Code" ha.

Hey, tonight's another night. Oh, a neighbor gave me a health-nut suggestion of something to help sleep deeper or not awaken as much. She said put some, but I need the recipe to tell you amount, but a little of the Himalayan Salt, that pink salt into some Orange Juice, and a bit of cream of tartar, it, for the potassium. Instead...

I am putting one packet of EmergenC, the powdered drink supplement into maybe eight ounces of Coconut Water, and shaking in salt liberally. (The Coconut water is high in potassium. The pink salt is a large source of many minerals, well so is EmgergenC) May be coincidence but I have slept about as good as I ever do, mostly two segments of almost four hours with just one awakening in the middle, for three if not four nights. I wonder if this is helping me remember dreams more, too.
Interesting about Emergency, that usually GIVES me energy. haha Magnesium helps me sleep. There is a drink product called Calm in natural food stores that works well.
I like Valerian. Smells like old gym socks, but unlike sleep aids that knock you out, valerian just puts me in the mood to sleep without any icky after effects.
its funny my house is in foreclosure, and I still have stuff to move out... my ex wont sign off on house so I am cutting my losses... your description is exactly how I plan to leave the property... I will tear down the house and take the building materials to rebuild later... I can store lumber and materials. I plan on even taking a tree that needs to come down, for the lumber and some of my flowers in the front I plan on digging up... after I am done I plan on taking the mailbox...LOL. the last thing to go...LOL.
LOL that's right! You literally are doing this! I had forgotten. Wow, I hope you report to us how it goes as you get that thing taken care of.

Twiceblessed, yeah, in the morning I take a pack too. It's something about the minerals and that product is loaded with them. all I know is that yet again last night I did my little recipe, and only awoke one time between two sleep cycles, for the fourth or fifth day in a row. (I'm curious about cream of tartar and want to read up on it. If it's only reason for her recipe having it, is that it's high in potassium, nah don't need it. But! my friend has a friend that's true insomniac, and the original recipe is helping her have much better nights, reportedly.)