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Full Version: The big question
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02/24/2016 AM
No intent
Mood: exhausted

I was in an upscale office in a high-rise building. The setting was expensively but tastefully decorated with leather, glass and chrome. I was sitting with my back to the large glass windows as I am afraid of heights.

I am talking to a man about the effects of emotions on one’s health. We are both aware of the mind- body connection and are seeking an answer for combating the problem of people sleeping and dreaming as an escape from mundane, ordinary life. He has read that I often dream of going dancing, traveling to other locations to visit museums and art galleries, living in other eras and other houses.

We are trying to figure out if I am out of body traveling or if it is all my imagination. Is my ill health a result of my busy sleep adventures, as I awake exhausted, or is my boredom, ill health and exhaustion the cause of my fantastic adventures?
We have discussed why I consider my life boring in all of its details. We have discussed all the exciting adventures I have had in sleep time. We have discussed my life prior to my illness and all the adventures I had in my waking life. We have discussed my core beliefs both religious and others. We have discussed my awake life situation and the possibility of having some of my dream life adventures in awake life. (I would have to be a billionaire to have these adventures in awake life!)
He has asked would people give up an extraordinary dream life for better health or would they choose poor health to continue the adventures. I say it depends on the person and what purpose their dream life serves them.

He then asks the big question to me.

I was just answering when the phone rang!

Would you suffer ill health if it made your dream adventures more exciting? Would you give up your dream life if it made your waking life better? What purpose does your dream life serve?
Esholars - Have you thought about what your answer would be?
WOW! What a dream. Do you think the person asking the questions was your guide? Have you been thinking about theses questions before having the dream?
(02-24-2016, 01:21 PM)esholars Wrote: [ -> ]02/24/2016 AM
No intent
Mood: exhausted

I was in an upscale office in a high-rise building. The setting was expensively but tastefully decorated with leather, glass and chrome. I was sitting with my back to the large glass windows as I am afraid of heights.

Did the building look like this one?

What you are describing sounds like the building and the meeting i had yesterday, minus the dreams vs waking part.
Julie: I have thought about it all day.

Twice: I have no idea what brought this dream or who the man was. I have always thought that the dreams were the up side of my health issues.

Windy: I did not see the building, I was just there and knew that place.
I can't help but think of the "X-Men" comics/movie series in reading your dream and the "big question." Professor X had his incredible mind control powers, but was paralyzed from the waist down and needed a wheelchair. Rogue had her powers to "take on" the essence/powers of others, but it caused her untold heartache, due to the fact she literally killed those she loved. Wolverine had the ability to heal himself, and so was selected for the experiment to implant metallic rods into his body, giving him those claws.

As one of the sequel movies showed, a super-mutant was tapped who had the power of removing another mutant's power in his presence, so a serum was made, and advertised to mutants to take if they wanted a "normal life," causing an immense controversy within the mutant community.

If you're not into comics (and my life has certainly moved beyond the comics of my youth), there is also the case of Helen Keller, the blind/deaf advocate of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. She was asked once, if you could see or hear, but only one ability restored, which would you choose? She said matter-of-fact, her sight, since she needed far more help due to her blindness, than due to her deafness. And she argued, there are many sounds in this world, I'd rather not hear anyway.

Hope this helps.
I see this vision of 'the big question' as a soul-searching trap, and here' how you can tell. Replace 'dream adventures' with 'favorite TV show series'. Now, ask the question again. Would you rather have good health, and not get to see your favorite TV show, or would you rather be dying of cancer, leukemia, Crohn's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, etc., but laid up in a comfortable bed and be allowed to see your favorite show?

To me, the answer is blatantly and unquestionably obvious, good health trumps fantasy every time. I see this as a 'test of character and what we have learned in life', and how we answer it is determinate on physical desires versus the spartan life of things we may have been deprived of during it. The test is a spiritual one, in the end. If you believe 'this is all we have', and you can't achieve the 'billionaire's lifestyle', then escapism to dreams may be all you can afford, so pain for experience is the trade you accept. If you believe there is something beyond the mortal walk you are now in, then the trade is spiritually, a trap, of 'world and materialism over fun and excitement'.

This really did pop in my head instantly, after reading the original post...
NH: The X-men are one of my favorite comics. I never even thought about the question that way.

Skeet: Long ago I had terrible dreams of fighting battles. In one of the dreams I was stabbed in the back and after that my health started to suffer. Since then I have not had any war battle dreams so I began to think of my dreams as compensation for my injury. Now I have to think about this some more as it could mean I am avoiding my truth.

All: I was once told that I was an "obe" warrior in the spirit world and that injury there would result in problem health in life. I was told this because I was saying that my temper was from being born under the sign of fire, in the year of the tiger, have Scots-Irish- Cherokee-Comanche blood and am Sagittarius . I was joking about my self, she was not.