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Full Version: 2 Dreams of the 26th of February 2016
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26th of February 2016 

1st Dream

I dreamt that I was sitting and watching TV on a large television.  The Journalist talked about elections in Mexico. The colours were yellow/orange. He spoke of very large numbers, with commas. And the result of the elctions is almost due, but still we had to wait. But it was actually already clear that there is a result. 

There are elections this weekend in Switzerland. And I voted yesterday because I will not be in Switzerland on Sunday. 

2nd Dream 

I saw a woman who controlled how a man was peeing. I thought this was not correct. He should be able to pee in private. 
But she opened the already opened door some more and then i saw it was Tio (Uncle) Ento who was peeing standing and leaning with the right hand to the wall in front of him. It was clear that the woman wanted that Tion Ento would pee sitting. In the Toilet room it was dark and where Tio Ento was it was even darker. 

I was standing behind the woman. 


Tio Ento i know from Prison in Paraguay, and he does not have a left arm. I used to give him many massages for free. 
I wanted to make massages in my new appartment, but until now i did not have any. I carried my massagebed up in the attic yesterday night.