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Full Version: tomorrow
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Yes, still, the key is to interpret the meaning of the word "tomorrow" in God's time, not Earth time or human time.

On January 12th, my friend in Kentucky was told "weeks" (not months) to the rapture. But, "weeks" in God's time.

I took a short nap around 9 this morning.

Blessings, Watcher!

We are leaving this foreign land soon!
Yes, sweet soul, it sure does "mean something" and is not just you wishing and looking forward to the glorious day!

With God, a thousand years is but a day and with a day, a thousand years.

What I got as I watched this sweet little message was that our Lord was telling you, is telling us since you thankfully shared this, "not quite yet." The boots.....this was screaming that He still has work for us to do. It's going to get grueling, we're going to be put out of our comfort zone. This has to be why you were shown "boots."

It is not quite time. Hence, "tomorrow."