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Full Version: Catholic Cardinal Dream, 2/26/16 after 6am
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Had multiple dreams last night with much day residue. This part was not day residue.

Start of Dream. I dreamed that I was in a very large house with multiple apartments. Felt like I was on a tour of the house because there was someone with me showing me everything.

I walked into the doorway of one of the apartments and I see what looks like 3 Catholic Cardinals each dressed alike in a white cassock and red zucchetto (skull cap). I look past them and see a large window or sliding door and see a nice yard. This is such a nice place to live. Then I look back at the Cardinals and notice only 2 were alive and 1 looked like a mannequin.

One of the live Cardinals came over and said, this is where Cardinals are made. I remember he was dark haired, wearing dark rimmed glasses, over 6' tall and medium to large build. He smiled and walked over to a comfortable looking chair and sat down. He was very happy that a new Cardinal was almost finished being created. End of Dream

Afterthoughts: I am not Catholic and have no idea why I had this dream. I'm sure there must be somewhere on the internet I can find out info about Catholic Cardinals & how they get appointed to that position. If I don't find anything, I'll call one of my Catholic relatives.
Catholic Cardinals are appointed by the Pope himself, and only Cardinals are eligible to vote and possibly become Pope, upon the death or resignation of a Pope. Cardinals, though, once they pass age 75, remain Cardinals, but can no longer vote for Pope, or be eligible to become Pope. Cardinals traditionally wear their red hats and vestments; the Pope wearing all white.

When in Rome, Cardinals often stay at the Vatican's official guest house, Casa Santa Maria, which is where Pope Francis was staying prior to his election ... and then decided to stay in the guest house permanently, rejecting a move to the grander Papal Apartments within the Vatican.

So, you probably saw inside Casa Santa Maria ... since Pope Francis lives there now, and conducts the majority of his business there while in residence at the Vatican; he would then presumably decide on new Cardinal appointments there. Cardinals are elevated Bishops within the Catholic Church; the Pope himself, is also considered the Bishop of Rome.
Thanks a bunch NH Watcher!