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Full Version: Strange Night of Many Dreams
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Last night I was in quite a bit of physical pain (due to a chronic back injury), and laid down early trying to get it to ease up some. No medications, no analgesics, just went to bed with no dream intentions. As soon as I was asleep, it was like high-speed TV, channel changing, surfing the 'visions' constantly. I've never had this happen, so let me see if I can remember them all:

* Dreamt of the number '1912', written out like the old 'word art' in MS Word. It was ballooned, laid over and slanted. Each individual number started moving around, the '2' joined with the '9', then the '1' joined with the other '1' and they became a '2', then they formed a somewhat overlaid '2'/'29', and I heard a faint voice say 'your time is over then, do you understand?' (note on this, if I just had a 'cyclopean vision' of my own demise, I'll let you know by not letting you know').

* I saw a giant planetoid-type body strike the earth, like you see on the special effects on shows like the Discovery and TLC channels, and Earth turned to 'galactic dust' when it happened. Looked like a christmas ornament exploding. The interesting thing is that a had an immediate follow-up to this dream in another, and it showed that the 'planetoid' wasn't there, then it was like a blacker-than-black portal or veil was opened near Jupiter in the 'space-time' fabric for the planetoid to come through. That was why the 'scientists' didn't see it coming. It was larger by about 1/3rd than the size of Jupiter. I heard 'this is how it actually ends'.

* I saw a lake form from a crustal-collapse, in the area of northern Alabama up to Kentucky, with beautiful glass-like crystal fish swimming in the various streams of this shallow lake that was formed from the collapse (made me think of a much larger 'Land-Between-the-Lakes' event of 1812).

* I saw Hillary Clinton standing over a place near Atlanta, it was like she was standing on a glass sheet, and the sheet began to crack and spiderweb. When the 'floor' shattered, she was like a cat over a bathtub trying not to get wet, but she was trying to 'hold it together', and was madly screaming 'NO, not yet, it's MY TURN!', and I could see that it wasn't for the sake of the Nation that she was wanting to be President, but for her own self-centered chance to 'be ruler'. There was another woman with similar haircut standing behind her, and when Hillary fell finally, the other woman took her place, had given Hillary support, and was trying to do the same thing with even more 'determination'. The woman looked like Diane Feinstein. I also so a group of 4-6 men, in Europe, simply ignoring the whole event, and that they never 'supported this'. I assume they never supported Hillary to be President??? I don't know if this means she wins the election, or that she doesn't win the election and she expected those 4-6 men to support her 'behind the scenes' to help her win.

* A follow up to the last vision, is that I see something terrible planned, like a 'false flag' event; but right as the 'false flag' event takes place, a far worse natural event happens that causes utter destruction taking America out. I see Obama and several other top-level leaders flying to Europe to escape, and once again, those 4-6 'mystery men' planning on integrating our former leaders into some government structure there, to 'continue their plan'.

* I am in a parking lot that has a gasoline kiosk in it, like you might see at a Sam's Club. I am driving a 1966-68 red Ford Mustang with a white top (nice looking, too). I get out, lock it, and start to walk into the main building, but as I pass the gasoline kiosk, I hear a kid trying to con the attendant into giving him 'a deep discount' on the gasoline for his ride (he has almost no money). I laugh to myself, thinking that will never happen. The attendant says, 'I can only do this at the end of my shift', then he flips some switch on his gas control panel and tells the kid, ok, it's free. Then, he looks at a few of us in the parking lot near him and says, 'OK, FREE GAS for the next 3-minutes, you better pull up and fill up fast'. I run back to my Mustang (that I had just filled earlier in the day), try to unlock it so I can top my tank off again, and I can't find my keys. They aren't in my pocket! Where did my keys go, as I search everywhere for them. The attendant says again, 'you only have 3 minutes left', but somewhere inside, I feel like he meant 3-days, but I don't think it was him that meant the 3-days at all.

There were several more fragments, but I'm not even sure what they were in reference to.  I had to get up and reference several things this morning, like who was the woman with the haircut like Hillary, before I could even post some of this.

I am not aware of anything in the past week that would have prompted or left residue for any of these dreams.
Thanks for posting. I like all the details you gave for each scene. I too have been dealing will multiple dreams each night for the past 3 or 4 nights.
Well, made it to 3/1, so I am not quite sure what the dream was about. I keep having feelings that 'it is going to end in an instant', and even get related dreams, but when I voice what I've seen, here lately, it never happens (when I was young, what I saw often came true). I guess this is a case of 'the dreams failing the old'.

Oh, well, just wanted to do a follow-up on this for any watching the thread.
Thanks for keeping us posted and please continue to do so.