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Full Version: Central American Pyramid
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I'm a few days late to post this as a 'saw it last night' dream, but I keep seeing this, both in dreams and in waking 'flash-visions', and have for several months now, and I don't know the significance of it.

Teotihuacan, the great pyramid NE of Mexico City. I keep seeing it from all sorts of angles. About 6-months ago, I had a dream where I was guided to it, and into it. I went up to the 'top room' (where the capstone would be on Egyptian Pyramids) and the guide said nothing, but was pointing out views, wall reliefs for torches, etc. to me. There was nothing special about the pyramid in terms of supernatural or revealing, though. I mean, the floor was dirty, it looked like someone had been trying to build a small campfire in the center of the room. There was old graffiti in a few places in what appeared to be black paint, and it was merely the cultural icon that it is today, overall.  The guide was eager to show it to me, we went over several things in it repetitively, but nothing more than a regular tour guide might do.

Not sure as to what significance Teotihuacan has to anything, and as I have traveled a lot of the world, I was not amazed by it anymore than a hundred other things I have seen in life. It is breathtaking as a structure of ancient origin, the tour was pretty nice, but there is no link, that I am aware of, that would have given me the 'Discovery Channel' tour of it otherwise.

I just had another 'flash' image of it in my mind this morning, is the only reason I remember to post it at all.