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Full Version: Possible Personal Dream Prediction About My Uncle
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Last night, while I was getting to the end of typing out a long FB post, I heard my Uncle Austin's voice say my name. It startled me. It was as if he was right behind me. Not long after posting, I went to bed for the night.

Sometime during the night, I dreamed of my Uncle Austin and his sons, my cousins, Monty & Steffan. We were someplace very crowded and they were coming down some stairs. I was wearing a brown corduroy baseball cap and I dropped my head down to walk past them, hoping they didn't see or recognize me. But at the moment I saw them, there was a brief eye contact with my Uncle and it was long enough that he did recognize me.

As I tried to walk past them, with my head down, my Uncle says to me, "Are you really going to just walk by and pretend you didn't see us?". I stopped and looked up at them (they're all tall). I shrugged, couldn't muster up a smile and started to tear up. My Uncle grabbed me and gave me the biggest bear hug. I remember it feeling so good and I strongly hugged him back. It was a really long hug, like neither of us wanted to let go.

There was more to the dream, but I don't recall all of the details of it. I know we end up going somewhere, a restaurant maybe? We sat and got caught up in everyone's lives. My cousins, especially, Steffan, seemed very happy to see me and we enjoyed the time together. I know that I was very happy and relieved in the dream.

As I woke up this morning, my eyes had dried tears around them. Like I may have actually cried while dreaming. And I was hearing Adele singing her song "Hello". No radio was on. (I just wake up hearing songs sometimes).

Now that I am up and thinking about it all, Adele's song about a very close person who had died, the hug that felt so good and not wanting it to end (and a lot like it was a goodbye hug), and hearing my Uncle's voice say my name before I went to bed last night...

I'm really, really, really hoping that it means I could be seeing them soon and it will turn out really nice, but I'm suspecting that it means something much worse. That my Uncle may have passed away last night and it was his goodbye to me. With my relationship being strained with them for many years now, I'm not sure I'll know for some time. I have my brother and sister looking into it, so we'll see...