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Full Version: Dream of nice meat.
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1st of March 2016

I dreamt of a meal. And of a expensive meal, the theme was if it was possible to spend this much. I thought and said, that Cleopatra would have made it easaly. I thought of the meal where she poured a huge pearl in vinagre and drank the liquid. 
Then there was a theatreplay with 2 men and 1 woman. All standing. It was possible I would take part as well. Then there was a lot of sliced ham and meat. Very nice one. It was of a meal we ate before. I was sort of guest, but also a worker in the house. 
I had to prepare the slices for storage. There was also some part of meat that was like a mushroom, but it was meat, and soaked in a fine bright/beige sauce. I was sucking and savouring on some of the meat. I was thinking what the houselord would think when he would eat the meat I stored now, if he would think of me.


Meat arises in my dreams often when I do something vegan.  Yesterday i bought a ricedrink instead of a Biological Milk, because i thought it is even better for the environment. I noticed also that the ricedrink is cheaper. And i gave on this information to a vegan promoter, i know from school. I met the vegan promoter the only time in about 15 years after i came home from a barbeque, where I ate meat even though I was sort of a vegetarian at that time. This meeting was also connected with a dream where i saw chocolate when coming home. The same night i came home after eating meat and seeing the vegan promoter my grandmother has put a chocolate on my blanket. 

Then i ate yesterday bacon and eggs where i work. The day before a ate smoked swiss ham. My sister is a Costume Designer, so i can dream of theater. And i read of the meal of cleopatra in a book i have and i will look for today again. Lets see what message i find.
Today I was walking through the City of Basel and I saw a Meat outlet shop. I went in and saw good meat for good prices.