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Full Version: College Shooting
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At a college in the evening, believe I was in a dorm. Dressed for bed, in a long flannel type nightgown, but talking with friends in a public area. One of the guys asked me to go for a walk with him. I recall thinking he was from Saturday Night Live (TV comedy show), and he had dark straggly hair, black thick glasses, bad teeth, perhaps a thin mustache, acne skin. I said I had to get a coat and I had to get my Disney Dory (or Dora) footstool to bring along. (Although this seemed to be at a college my thought process seemed to be that of a younger person, at least on the emotional level).

As we left the building we had to go down a long flight of steps. The weather was cold and the steps had slushy snow that had been shoveled to the sides. Before we even reached the bottom of the steps we heard a loud pop off to the far right. I looked up and beyond the college buildings I could see a small shopping area with a few stores, and I spotted a Kroger's grocery store. We were startled by the sound. Then the popping continued and we realized it was gun shots. The guy bolted away and disappeared, leaving me on my own. I lowered myself and started to crawl back up the steps to the building, all the time hearing the popping gun shots. They seemed to go off 8 pops at a time, over and over, and were getting louder, as though the shooter was walking in my direction.

I had another dream earlier that I posted (Blasphemed the Name of God) that placed significance on the number 8 as well.