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Full Version: Archimedes, Time. 3.1.16, 4:46 am
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Last night before going to sleep, I stated the intention to dream about anything that I needed to pass on here on the NDC.
Before going to sleep I saw a Australian Aboriginal man sitting against a rock holding a long stick. I heard "time to go walkabout".
I did dream, but don't remember any of it.

Woke this morning, sat up in bed and said without thinking said "Archimedes. I wonder what time it is?". I heard "time is irrelevant".

1. I need a very strong cup of tea this morning. Rolleyes

2. Time has been passing very quickly for me the past couple of weeks or so. And sometimes I think I'm going ahead of myself. On Sunday I was in my kitchen getting ready to cook lunch. I had the thought "I wonder where Malachi (my cat) is? Maybe he's upstairs".  Then I thought, you don't have an upstairs. In that moment I thought it, I was in a home with an upstairs. Hummmm, maybe I will in the future.  

3. Sometimes I marvel at the Human mind and Spirit. We were indeed marvelously created.