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Full Version: President Putin directing disaster drill & conference, 3.4.16, am
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Intention: If I dream anything that I need to post on NDC, I want to remember it.  

Start of Dream

Scene 1: I am in the middle of a group of people who are preparing for an emergency drill. There are police, fire and EMT departments. Suddenly someone says it’s time to go and everyone gets in vehicles and drive to a disaster scene. I get out of the vehicle and ask, what can I do?  Someone says, “you are only here to observe so don’t get in the way”. Then I see President Putin and he is directing the drill.

Scene2: I am sitting in a room and President Putin walks in and sits across from me. The room has very high ceilings and the doors to my right are very tall.  I can hear a large crowd of people in the room next to us.  President Putin looks at the door and says “I hate Presidents”. I suddenly felt very patriotic and made up a story telling him, “a while back I saw a documentary about our U.S. Presidents and the ones that were interviewed said they didn’t like Russian Presidents”.  He smiled and blinked his eyes and nodded his head in the way that he does when he reluctantly agrees with someone. He knew I was lying, but he got the point I was trying to make.

I said, “you need to take the time every day to smile and be happy about something. The position you are in as President and not just you but all Presidents, need to take time every day to do something that makes them happy.  You don’t need to think about the serious stuff all the time”. I went on to tell him, "American people and Russian people are the same, we are human beings. The only difference is the language. The problem is Presidents and you are the ones who have problems with each other, not the citizens". President Putin smiled a politician smile like he was caught by someone saying the truth he already knew and would not admit.  

Then someone opens the tall double doors to what looks like a conference room where all the people are. In Russian he says “it’s time”. Putin silently gets up and walks into the room and doors close behind him. I thought, “well,  that is the end of this conversation. I did my best and tried talking some sense into him”.

Scene 3: I am standing with a group of women I had seen earlier. We all were wearing long evening dresses and elbow length gloves.  My thoughts were, “this must be a mistake, I’m not supposed to be here”.  Someone opened a door and when I looked in the room it is a huge dining room filled with tables all set for a very elegant dinner. I told the man, “I don’t think I am supposed to be here”.  He walked me to a table and showed me the place card and said, “you have been included, He (meaning President Putin) wants you here, this is where you will sit”. I sit at the table and two other women in the group sit with me. The dream ends with the two women agreeing that I should be at the dinner. They were very nice.

End of Dream

Afterthoughts:  No day residue.
Julie, it is indeed very cool that you got this dream and Skeetersaurus' wife got the "what time is it" one!
Nanny, I'm still stumped about 'the better half's' dream of 'What time is it?' It could fit into a lot of suppositions, but in reality, I keep 'feeling' deep inside that it has to do with mortal-world time being expired. I took it that my wife's worry was far more about 'need more time still' than I have, but then again, that's painting on her fair! (as she would say).
[b][/Yes, I like how you said that...."mortal world time being expired."

I think of it as being the end of the age, too. I have had this thought and said to those close to me in the context of it being our time of testing, out of our comfort zones "it's showtime! this is not a dress rehearsal."
When I thought about the conference in prayer this morning, my thoughts are that it has not occurred yet. I will continue to pray about it because whatever is decided at this conference will have world changing effects.
Yesterday I tried praying about this conference and the first thing saw was a huge dragon flying moving forward.
though this was published a week ago and as far back as 2014, I just saw it yesterday and now I think of your dream Julie.

Big disaster drill involving all rescue departments but also using 6000 military.

What I find interesting is the
meme of BALL, CONFERENCE, elegant dining in may dreamers and wonder
if this should be its own MEME.
Anyone game for that?
Ad - I think if anyone else has a "conference" dream we should maybe start a separate thread?