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Full Version: Being Human
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3/4/2015 AM
No intent
I was with a small group of well dressed, elegant and wealthy people at a very expansive mansion. We were attending a conference about the future of this group. They were there to discuss what should be done to protect the common people from some elite non-human type of predator.
I was walking around the grounds which were beautiful and well maintained when I met the grounds keeper. I ask a few questions about the place and he answered easily about the different plants and the planning of the gardens. I was walking away when he told me not to go the direction I was heading as it was toward a private area containing a small house and gardens and it belonged to a very dangerous member of the group.
I returned to the main building and met up with my group. I told them what I had been doing and what I had seen. They also warned about the dangerous member. I was warned that I would need to be careful not to let anyone else know that I was “human”.
As we entered the conference room I realized I was witness to the largest gathering of top level vampires ever. I somehow knew these vampires as people in top positions in many large companies and politics. (I never saw faces).

The presenter had just started talking when the phone rang and I woke up.
I do not watch vampire movies! I do read about politics. I do not believe it was about Donald Trump as all these vampires were behind the scenes actors.
Interesting dream details.
I do not presume to interpret, however, the message that comes to me in this metaphorical landscape
BLOOD- LIFE FORCE, heritage.
What is it that vampires feed off? Life Force.
Why? To remain immortal, stay alive in the physical. They are soulless and as such anchored in the physical
as long as food source is available.
think of our MIND/Heart connection to Source, our free will, our Humanity.
What is it that makes we earthly humans desirable to those beings of other-dimensional reality who
want to suck off our various body levels of energy? It is food to them. (called 'loosh' by Robert Monroe).
Without spiritual advancement (Self control) we unwittingly make that energy food available to them.
I have to wonder how many elites walking around (like zombies) in our hierarchy are these vampires and worse, puppets by some unseen dimensional force with an advantage.

Thanks Esholars, this was
'food for thought' no pun intended.
Well Esholars, looks like there was something big going on last night or for the near future. In my dream after the conference was a dinner party. Do you remember a dinner party in your dream?
I was attending a conference and banquet in my tornado dream yesterday.
Hmmm and now another person dreaming about a conference. I will state the same intention tonight and see what dreams I have, if any.
I saw no dinner party, but there was plenty of food available. Other than the vampire bits it was a beautiful place.