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Full Version: Soccer balls and a bed and breakfast
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No intention on this, I'm posting so the dreambot has something to crunch.

I am with my two brothers. We're in a grass playing field; we have a soccer ball, we're kicking it around. Behind me is a net, somewhere around 10 feet high. It runs the length of a waterfront; there is no beach. The net is there to block people from going into the water. One of my brothers kicks the ball at me, which hits off the top of the net, and goes over into the water. I'm wondering how to get it, I'm able to pick the net up from the water, reach under, and retrieve the soccer ball.

I'm now going into a long narrow bedroom. I'm apparently on vacation with my brothers, and some cousins that I haven't seen in around 20 years. The entry to the bedroom is narrow, then opens out into the room. The bed is in the back of the room. I feel exhausted, and I'm thinking that I haven't slept all night. My brother is in the room with me, I ask him "When is breakfast". In a typical smart-ass brother-to-brother answer, he answers "Depending on when you wake up, breakfast is either an hour from now or a day from now."

Realizing if I want to be up for breakfast, I'll need to get sleep quickly, so I get into bed. I'm trying to sleep in my dream, but not being successful. I finally realize my time is up, and get up. I go into a bathroom that is around the corner; I have a segmented suitcase that has toiletries in it; I can't find my soap, although I see there are two bars of soap in two of the compartments. For some reason I'm looking for my electric soap. I go in and take a shower; when I get out, my older brother is asking me if I realize the battery charger isn't working, it looks like my soap didn't charge.

I don't know where it comes from, but there seems to be concern among some of my cousins that one of my cousins didn't return from a bar last night.

We're now back out in a park. It is different from the first park, for some reason I'm thinking its in Australia. I think the first park was in the United States. Again, there is a net that is blocking access to an entire waterfront. This net doesn't go straight up, it goes up and then curves forward at least 10 feet from the waterfront. My younger brother kicks a soccer ball at me, which I catch. I throw the ball back out at him; it hits the overhanging net, and then somehow bounces backward and is outside the net in the water. Again, I wind up pulling the net up to reach out and grab the soccer ball out of the water.


Other than the fact that I have not gotten enough sleep due to work lately, I don't know that anything in this dream had any meaning whatsover. Certainly amused me when I thought about it.