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Full Version: Woman I know whose eyes turned black
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I was visiting a family I know. Maybe we were camping. I talked with all of them. It was night and everything seemed slow and blue. Maybe there is a death in their family and we are all sad. Then I talk to the woman/sister in the family and something is wrong with her eyes. They should be blue and well spaced and happy but they are black, even the whites are black. And her eyes are so close together and she looks sick or like she has lost some mental capacity. I feel bad for the whole family but I feel disturbed after talking to her.
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Hi Marlevou! I immediately thought of the "Black-Eyed Kids" phenomenon. Stories started popping up on the Internet, and I'm not sure I believe them but they sure are scary. Usually involves a group of kids knocking on someone's door, and asking if they can come in and use the phone (or some trumped up excuse). Then the person starts to feel uneasy, and when they see their eyes they are completely black.
I've had the experience of seeing someone with 'black eyes' - greatly enlarged pupils caused by drug use....and that wasn't very long ago.