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Full Version: Dream of travelling
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6th of February 2016

I dreamt i was travelling like a fugitive. And i had little money. I then rested in sort of a hospital. I lay in a bed and stayed for several days. Then i noticed there is another room. i went in and saw it was the doctors room. So i wanted to leave since it was not the right place for me. I was there without asking anybody for permission. 
and i prepared my self for leaving. The rooms wher i was were dark. But clean. 


I yesterday wanted to visit some fugitives who stayed at the Matthew Church in Basel. But they have left already. And today i want to help prepare a shipment with clothes for fugitives. 
Hospitals I associate with beeing a guest. Hospital; from latin hospitalis - of a guest  (Merriam-Webster)
Yesterday I also was invited to drink first and then to eat.