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Full Version: Dream of feeding Birds
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7th February 2016

I dreamt me and my aunt Delphine wanted to go travelling to hungary. I entered a green Basel City Bus but had also some crumbs for birds with me. I then got off the Bus at the Claragraben/Sperrstrasse junction and fed the Birds with the crumbs, some of them seemed to be straw of a cereal. It was a lot of fine crumbs. There were crows and doves.  I thought I was late for the train to hungary, but then a Bus came from the dirction of the Klybeckstrasse (Normally this is a one way street, in the other direction) and we Drove the Claragraben in the opposite direction than it is normally allowed, but in the dream it was possible. I would arrive later in the evening in hungary, around 18.00 hours. It was alright.

I visited an Art exposicion yesterday at the Sperrstrasse. And then I reparted 1 Flyer for the Exposicion. When I repart flyers I think of travelling, flying.