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Full Version: DIRTY BOMB
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I haven't posted a public dream in a while and this one last night stuck with me so I'll give it a small whirl especially since I voiced an intention before sleep.
Intention: reveal what is in store for the coming week.

I am with a family of scientists supposedly on vacation- yet felt like a 'cover'  (metaphor- dream layers here too) for more covert actions. We were all in a bedroom for most of the dream (see above alert)

Vacation backdrop was  a beach resort - could be anywhere in Northern Hemisphere- not tropical.

The father (lead scientist) - metaphor alert here- was concerned- very worried- about something hidden in the closet that will detonate with the least vibration. Everyone was to either remain very still or leave the cabin so not to detonate it. (almost like the olden nitro glycerin tools used for mining- fragile/unstable).

This vacation wasn't meant to be fun I observe, so I look for ways to get the heck out of dodge. The rest of the dream is me looking for avenues of escape to safety.
Dear AD,

the good thing about the dream ist that you got a clear message. If it were my dream i would carefully look in the closet on the next vacation.
I would also look carefully in the closet I have in the house right now.

Maybe you find something...

have a good dream
# came true, close though perhaps not my strongest.
Not scoring as Eagle1 is busy.

Dirty Bomb Fears Rise As Belgian Nuclear Facilities Seen As Vulnerable To ISIS Attacks
supporting quotes from news article:
“A small video camera stashed in a row of bushes silently recorded the comings and goings of the family of a Brussels-area man with an important scientific pedigree last year, producing a detailed chronology of the family’s movements,”... two men came under cover of darkness "....going down in jihadist lore as the most “successful” sleeper cell in the history of radical Islam, was in the advanced stages of trying to procure the materials needed to build a dirty bomb.

what planned explosion, family, scientists, 'cover'

where  vacation beach resort cabin. Anywhere in Northern Hemisphere
This article shows that the area of the news headline has resort hotels in the province of Namur inland not beach.
Obviously not a beach, yet is within Northern Hemisphere which has a broad brush sweep and fewer points.

when dream was 3/9/16 news on 3/26/16 (but planned well before the date of report). Timing a little more than 3 weeks of dream.

side note (lean)*** moon phase of dream was New Moon (European time). the news report was three days after Full Moon (European time).

metaphors also supported:
cover- covert action mentioned in dream
bedroom- sleeper cells mentioned in news article
Well done AD!