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Full Version: Alien Children Dream, 3.9.16, am
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Start of dream. I am in a flying vehicle of some sort with several other people. We land inside of a building with a glass dome so you can see outside. The outside terrain looks rocky with very little or no vegetation. We get out of the vehicle and are on what looks like a landing pad. This place is huge with multiple landing pads and there are tunnels leading off from the landing pads.

Then I see alien children walking toward the vehicles on the pads coming to claim their human parents. I am suddenly filled with anxiety not knowing why they want to connect with their parents. I tell a couple of people around me that we need to leave here, now! We slip off and walk through one of the tunnels. When we get to the end there are guards checking people through. One of the people with me says, how are we going to get through without an alien escort? I said, I don't know we'll think of something once we get there. End of Dream

Afterthoughts: What I did not like about this was the "unknowns" of it all. I can cope with anything in life or dreams as long as I know why something is happening. The whole area had a very clinical feel to it so that made me uneasy also.