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Full Version: Grandmother & Concert Dream, 3.10.2016, am
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My intention was to dream about something nice since the last 2 nights were unpleasant dreams.

Scene 1. Dreamed I am attending a Christian concert in a church with my Grandmother. I told her we will be in the balcony area so the music will not be too loud. We see open seats and sit there. We are both very happy and excited to hear the concert.

Scene 2. After the concert dream, I dreamed I was talking with someone at work telling them I dreamed about taking my Grandmother to a church concert.

1. My Grandmother is deceased and it was great seeing her in a dream.
2. When I turned on my radio this morning they announced a concert at a local church set for April. This was the first time I heard the advertisement.
3. When I arrived at work this morning, I was unexpectedly called into my Directors office. She had good news about work to share. And she wanted to tell me she was leaving work early today so she could attend a concert. I asked her if it was at a church and she said no, it's not a Christian concert. She went on to say that her husband was talking yesterday about a church concert he wants to attend in this area. I laughed and told her about my dream of going to the church concert with my Grandmother. I also told her the part of the dream where I talked with a co-worker about taking my Grandmother to a church concert. She just smiled that "here we go again with that freaky talk" smile. Rolleyes
Thank you Julie,

Great precognitive dream. And on what day in April is the concert? Will you attend the concert?

With very gentle thoughts,

Lean - Not sure of the concert date. If I do attend and have anything unusual happen, I'll make sure to note here. Smile
Julie, I am always awed by your ability to make intentions and get something worthwhile out of them! What a treasure to be able to see your Grandma again! And I hope you weren't too influenced by your boss and her feelings. Maybe someday she'll have a precog Dream on her own, and want to come and talk to you about it! Until those things start happening to you, it must be hard to understand. But we all know what's going on here, and I'm glad we've got you.
Thanks GG. It doesn't bother me anymore what people think about my abilities. At my age I am very comfortable with myself and like who I am. I like working with my director because she is somewhat open minded.

I too am thankful for NDC.