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Full Version: Dreams of a Birthday, and a Bookshelf
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10 March 2016

I dreamt that Kathleen, a Teacher i know from the boarding school was to go on a brithday of a former student Miriam von Wrustemberger. 
And maybe some people would not be so happy about it. She knew about it, but would go anyway. She wrote this on a very large piece of paper, abd it seemed she let her children write it. 

Change of scene:

I saw a room like in a university that will receive many new books of the editorial Reclam. They had the colors of green and orange and i think also blue. 
I like this books, and i wanted to see what kind of books they will be. I entered the room as well. 


I talked yesterday with a man who was to visit friends in Berlin for their birthday. Then is today the birthday of my ex-wife. And i am going on a journey soon, and it is not sure, if i will not go to my fathers brithday because of this journey. I also spoke with my father about a dreamseries of more than 10 dreams about birthdays. 

And I got a new Bookshelf today from my aunt Barbara.