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Full Version: Dream of posting something on the internet
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14th March 2016

I dreamt i posted something in the Internet. about paying something and i did not know how i would pay for it even though it was only some 100 francs that i would have had to pay. 
It had something to do with my aunt christine from italy, and with a journey i was about to do.  The second journey, because i have just wanted to travel to kurdistan, but i had to come back. so this was a second journey. 

Associations: I have posted that i have a new work. then i have also posted about the 5 day dreamrhythm. then i am planning a journey in the next days. 
A italian man has written to me. I am worried how i can pay my health insurance. I have the money, i want to pay tomorrow.
Would you consider this dream to be an overlap with things you have on your mind?