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Full Version: red jello
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Well I did not have a very good night for dreaming.  For some reason I was unable to sleep much at all.  I had one short dream that of course means nothing to me.

I was in the kitchen cutting stars with a cookie cutter out of red jello.  That was all the dream was.

Sometimes a simple dream like that will end up having meaning later on. For instance, jello shakes and stars might have to do with "Hollywood". Something might end up "shaking Hollywood". The color red may be significant too. Or maybe you were hungry. ha ha
Thanks for the input. I have had some pretty strange dreams in the past that are very bizarre. I don't usually dream about such simple things. Hopefully after a month of documenting some of it will make sense?? Smile
Great that you're documenting! That way you can have a better chance to clue in on your own personal dream symbols. I had a snippet last night that I am reminded now I should put in. (always remind others - now need to walk the walk!)