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Full Version: Stranded Ship
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Evening of of March 16, 2016

This is more of a vision I had when I closed my eyes toward sleep.
No intention. Residue from the Feb 25/26 Bot Runs that I can't seem to shake re: ship(s) and the REALIST NEWS - March 2016 Web Bot Report Summary by jsnip

There is a medium sized (cruise??) ship, nose pointed north, afloat a few hundred miles off the US mid-east coastline. There are three red circle (emergency??) signal pulses emanating from the ship. On a narrow part of the ship deck, there is a man sitting with his back against the rail, knees up and head down, holding the sides of his head with both hands. He is blond and wearing a light blue shirt and dark blue pants. I get the feeling that he is a higher ranking crew member. The ship is visibly deserted leaving me to speculate on where the (passengers??) and crew might be. In their cabins?