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Full Version: Nephew & Friend Dreams, 3/19/16, am
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Scene 1. Dreamed I was in attendance at a family reunion. As I was looking around at all the people I noticed many of them are
Native American. Then a singing group got up to entertain everyone. My thoughts were, I wonder if they will sing any traditional songs.

Scene 2. I see one of my nephews and while I am observing him I wonder why I am dreaming of him.

Afterthoughts about Scene 1. About 30 minutes after I wake up I get a call from a woman that I have not spoken with in a long time. Talking with her is like having a reunion & yes she is Native American.

Afterthoughts about Scene 2. When I woke up I went to the back door to let my loud ass cat in the house. When I opened the door I hear a dang crow, caw caw caw. When I hear that sound, I know someone that will pass on. The closer the sound of the caw caw caw, the closer I am to the person who will pass on. So I walk out the door a bit to see how close the crow is and not 1 but 2 where on top of my house. I know this will be someone who has a close association to me. So of course I think of the dream I just had about my nephew since I have never had a dream about him. So either it will be him or someone close to us both. First thing I do is pray and will continue to pray for the next week about it. Once I hear the crow calls, it usually happens within 3 days, sometimes longer. If nothing happens then I know my prayers worked. This has been happening to me for so long now that I see it as a opportunity to pray for the situation. Also it helps to lesson the grief a bit because I was forewarned.
Well Julie, I hope your prayers work then!
Wow Julie. To your knowledge, is your Nephew ill? May God bless your nephew with good health and protection.
Thanks GG & TB. He is not sick that I know of. I am thinking that he was the one who notified me of the person passing on.
Update/observations: 1 week has passed since I posted these dreams. My nephew is well and I did hear from him. He texted me with an invite for Easter Sunday lunch which was totally unexpected.

As for the Crow warning, no one that I know of passed away. When I ask if the crow warning had to do with the Brussels bombing, I get a "yes". Now, in the past, as I stated earlier, when the crow call is so close, it usually has to do with family passing away. And when the crow call is further away is usually has to do with an event somewhere far away from me. This time it was as close to me as it could get, which was 2 huge crows on top of my house, which lead me to believe it was myself or immediate family.