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After seeing hackdeeper's latest post, I went ahead and watched the Coast to Coast Dr. Laurie Nadel interview. At 1 hr 25 minutes she speaks about how dream reports began indicating September 11 and Hurricane Sandy about one year to 18 months before the events happened. Of course, we have heard that before except, she says it is happening again with high anxiety upticks in precognitive dreaming that include smoke, explosions in the sky, fire in the sky, planes in the sky, blowing things up and a general feeling of being unsafe (dread.)

Now I am thinking that I have been with NDC now for about two years and at one point earlier on there was a lot of talk about sky flash. I've been looking for those conversations but can't find them. All I can find are my own posts. Sad I guess the questions are, how close are we to the next major event? What? Where? When?
Were they part of Project September? I listened to that interview with Dr. Laurie Nadel, but only the first hour (and I have to admit, it was while I was at work so the retention level was pretty poor).

And should we then look back on our dreams and bot runs and see if we see something similar? Feelings of dread can mean so many different things. Sometimes it's just personal. I will do some research later and report back on the other key words. And look for sky flash too.

Thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention!
I wonder if we lost some sky flash posts when Windy mysteriously got "banned" and her dreams and posts disappeared. Sigh. Sad
Ok, Laurie Nadel was wonderful. Thank you so much for the link Sherriann!
sky flash was before this site started (2014). I would guess it is in the old part of the data base. It was part of project August.

I found this. but it has everything from Project Aug. You might enjoy reading all those dreams.

Sky Flash done but hits on PA #97, 98, 108
Posted on August 20, 2014 by ndcadmin

Definitive Guide to Sky Flash: August 2014
Posted on July 28, 2014 by ndcadmin
I thought it was a Project phrase, I just had the wrong one. Thanks for clarifying! Still need to look for other phrases....
Yup, esholars, it was back in August 2014 so we are sitting at about 18 months now.

These should probably be the key words/phrases when hunting down dreams....or digging through the bot runs.

smoke, explosions in the sky, fire in the sky, planes in the sky, blowing things up
Today's dreambot run: amazon python melted electronics
Perhaps an EMP in South America? Or an astroid hit?
A new theory has suggested that the new planet could be responsible for periodic mass extinction events.
Earlier this week we reported on how planetary scientists Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin from the California Institute of Technology had discovered new evidence pointing to the existence of a previously undiscovered Neptune-sized world in the outer solar system - the enigmatic Planet Nine.

Now in a new paper by retired astrophysics professor Daniel Whitmire, the existence of this ninth planet has been linked to something rather sinister - periodic mass extinction events.

According to Whitmire, these extinctions, which occur every 27 million years or so, may be caused by comets being flung towards us by Planet Nine's eccentric orbit through the Kuiper Belt.

Like with the asteroid that brought about the extinction of the dinosaurs, these heavenly bodies could easily be responsible for global disruptions capable of wiping out a multitude of species.

While at the moment it is practically impossible to prove that this is actually the case, if astronomers can determine once and for all if this enigmatic world really does exist out in the far reaches of the solar system then Whitmire's theory - and others like it - are likely to hold a great deal more weight.

See more at:

The blue Star of the Hopi is almost here....

The Blue Star Kachina is said to be the ninth (9th Planet) and final sign before the "Day of Purification", described as a catastrophe or a "world engulfing cataclysm" that will lead to the purification of planet Earth.

The ninth and final sign of destruction is described by White Feather as, "You will hear of a dwelling-place in the heavens, above the earth, that shall fall with a great crash. It will appear as a blue star.

In the Final days we will look up in our heavens and we will witness the return of the two brothers who helped create this world in the birthing time. Poganghoya is the guardian of our North Pole and his Brother Palongawhoya is the guardian of the South pole. In the final days the Blue Star Kachina will come to be with his nephews and they will return the Earth to its natural rotation which is counter clock wise.

Not far behind the twins will come the Purifier – The Red Kachina, who will bring the Day of Purification.

Many will appear to have lost their souls in these final days. So intense will the nature of the changes be that those who are weak in spiritual awareness will go insane.

Many things will begin to occur that will not make sense, for reality will be shifting back in and out of the dream state.

According to this prophecy, we will go through a period of time where we shift in and out of dimensions.

There will be many strange beasts upon the Earth in those days, some from the past and some that we have never seen. The nature of mankind will appear strange in these times we walk between worlds and we will house many spirits even within our bodies After a time we will again walk with our brothers from the Stars, and rebuild this Earth. But not until the Purifier has left his mark upon the universe.
Windy, thank you tons for the Blue Star info! Dang glad to be reading you again. hugs~
If Pluto hadn't been taken off the planet list, this new planet would be the 10th - Planet X.
I think we all got that. *L*

This didn't want to load for me. Might just be my computer is too busy with other stuff.....

Are you saying the Hopi even got the removal of Pluto correct in their prophecy?

I haven't finished reading Windy's post and I've been hit with a wave of energy that would have knocked me on my butt if I wasn't sitting down.

Going to dive into this just as soon as I finish lunch. Priorities, after all. If the end of the world is coming, I want to meet it with a full stomach. Big Grin
In support of Windy's post there are recent articles (haven't dredged them up yet but I'm sure you can google them) of strange animals (secret genetic experiments) washing up on shores that look like monsters, including unicorn fossils.

Looking at SKY FLASH and in concert with the HOPI
rather than it being a nuclear explosion, which to me is a major ground flash up into the stratosphere,
there is talk out there in cyber-land
of an EVENT
on the horizon. Energetic?
No one goes into detail about it except the Hopi.
God bless them. At least they give full disclosure on it.
Ad to add to the strange animals, fossils of real unicorns have been found.

12 unidentified creatures that washed up on beaches around the world
Sky flesh sounds more like a birth of a messiah...IMHO.