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03/21/2016 AM
No intent
I was in the middle of my work day at a contractor’s wholesale warehouse when they announced that the place would close for the rest of the day. There was a gathering to celebrate the retirement of the original owner of the company. The owner, an elderly gentleman, announced that the warehouse would be closed for the rest of the day and for the next two days for inventory and that we were all required to be there.

I was standing in my area when the owner approached me and asked about an item I held in my hand. He said “Is that a holder for your sex toy?”

I was complete shocked that this old man would say something like that to me. I said “No sir! It is hairbrush that folds to appear to be an octopus!”

He said “Show me.”

He leaned in close to me and said, “I needed to have an excuse to talk to you. We are never going to open again. You need to take anything you want from this place as soon as possible because you are never going to get paid. Go get some boxes and load them up before the others find out. Then spread the word.”

I started picking through screws, connectors, nails and hinges trying to only take things I knew I would use. I had electrical systems parts, woodworking tools, gardening tools, plumbing parts and storage bins full of useful items for the household repair and building supplies for all areas of interest. I had cartfuls of stuff. As I passed through each area, collecting stuff, I told the person working there what he had said.

The place became a madhouse with workers rushing all over the place filling bins and boxes.

I discovered an original 1900’s model T Ford in perfect condition in the back storage area of the warehouse and was trying to decide if I should take it when the phone woke me up.

I had the impression that someone/the government was forcing the old man to give up his company and he hated them for it and this was the way to screw them over. He had left my area with a big, big smile.

The stuff I took was good for having on an off grid homestead because that is something I am interested in and wish I could have.
I think you've been given a head's up to start planning and preparing for your off-grid dream.
told the husband about the dream. He said that what got his attention the most was that someone must have really screwed the owner over since he was telling us to steal as a way to get even. He was disappointed to discover that I am willing to be a thief, even if it was a dream.
I was given the idea that the warehouse was a place that all the manufacturing companies got their parts from, all the Ace, Home Depot and Lowe's type stores got their goods to sell to the general public and that general contractors could not buy from there. This place had all the parts from all over the world and was the only distributor in the world..