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Full Version: Olympics in Brazil
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Be on the lookout for dreams and dreambot runs which might start popping up with an Olympic theme. Brazil is having major issues right now and the Olympics begin in August. There is political and economic unrest, horrible pollution in its waterways where Olympic events are to be held, venues might not be finished in time and the Zika virus is rampant .
Nice forward thinking Twice! You always astound me with your connections and interpretations, if I could be half as good as you I'd be satisfied!

And really, we haven't done much in the way of looking forward. This is a great idea.
Ok, we still have not really had much in the way of dreams or botruns regarding the Olympics which are just a few weeks away. This is just extremely odd and out of place for suck a huge global event.
That being said, I found an article today Olympics related I thought I should park here. It states that a large group of nations want to have the ENTIRE Russian team banned for the Rio Games, not just track and field which is already banned
If you find anything Olympic related (bot run, dream or new article related ) you feel may be of interest, please park it here.

Possible Olympics Dream from Iris.
A terror shooting happening today in Munich, Germany has a tie with the Munich Olympics and is possibly sending a message to Rio, the host city of our upcoming Olympics in 2 weeks.
"The shopping mall where the shooting took place is located in what was the Olympic Village for the 1972 Munich Olympics, during which 11 Israeli athletes were taken hostage and killed along with a German policeman."
I just posted a slew of links and a thought:
You nailed it!
We need to consider the" zero stars "as a tie in with Brazil, their flag and the Olympics. Especially with what happened today in Munich.
I'm on my phone right now so I can't do serious searches (PITA factor) but the Germany tie -in with Brazil could be Nazis. I know it sounds far-fetched but a lot of Nazis fled Germany after WWII and settled in South America. Brazil was one of the countries.

This may have absolutely nothing to do with "zero stars" or the Olympics, but it is a thought.
Ok. this is interesting.
We had terrorism in Munich, site of the 1972 Olympics. We had some ties to Robert Redford today (Sundance and Julie's dream). Robert Redford lives in Park City, Utah ( 28 miles from Salt Lake) and the Sundance Festival takes place in Park City. Utah Olympic Park is in Park City as well and it hosted many Olympic events during the 2002 Olympics such as snowboarding and woman's alpine events. So this is a tie in with the Olympics also.
And when the Sundance festival is happening, the area is knee-deep in stars in attendance.
Wow ladies. I'm gone for a bit and I feel as if I've missed so much. Great work!
Ok, possible Olympic dreambot hit.

What is zero stars means, a zero rating for this Olympics because they will be soooooooooo poorly executed?
By: Ben Marquis on August 2, 2016 at 3:38pm

ALERT: Explosion Rocks Olympic Stadium in Rio, Athletes and Fans in Disbelief

"To be sure, the explosion was not the result of an actual terrorist attack, but of a training exercise conducted by the Rio bomb squad, in which a simulated explosive device in a backpack was detonated by a special robot."
There have been several stories about riots around the running with the Olympic torch.

Also a story about a security shakeup, one security force removed and another put in place.

This Olympics is going to be either amazing or an utter disaster. I lean towards the latter.
Yes, I go for the latter as well.
(08-03-2016, 05:47 PM)ThePaladin Wrote: [ -> ]There have been several stories about riots around the running with the Olympic torch.

Also a story about a security shakeup, one security force removed and another put in place.

This Olympics is going to be either amazing or an utter disaster. I lean towards the latter.
Windy's dream about what happens after the Olympics.

An Olympic Bot run

US Olympian scores the first Gold medal in the Games.
class score stable bird team competition feel dream fully sleepy bullets-Ginny Thrasher, a 19-year-old West Virginia University sophomore, won the women's 10-meter air rifle event
Not a team competition, but a win for a team member of the US team.
Possible Olympic lingo. Awful line event and Competition and

challenge comp terrible mean
ball guest national night stealing interesting catching

Has this happened with the Girl's Gymnastics team win? I think Maybe. Might also be for the US men's Swimming relay last night.
class score stable bird team competition feel dream fully

Olympic Media bus attack, possible shooting.
Ryan Lochte and 3 other Olympic US Swimmers were held at gun point and robbed by men posing as police early today. They were in a taxi headed to the Olympic village. Possible dreambot reference.
A good list of issues faced during the Olympics including today's Olympic Camera crashing and landing on top of some people causing at least 4 injuries.

Adding today's Olympic Botrun.

Also, I just noticed the Rio Olympic Mascot looks a lot like a cartoon cat. (it is supposed to represent a combination of many different Brazilian animal)s. We had a lot of cat dreambot runs within the past month, so I am thinking of going back over them to see if an Olympic theme might apply.!olympic-mascot
On my phone so no link, but a huge story is that the story Ryan Lochte (sp?) told about being held up at gunpoint is falling apart. He's already stateside but his three buddies are being held in Brazil. The story I read indicates they're throwing Lochte under the bus as being the one who concocted the story after an evening of heavy partying (the story called it "debauchery" but without further details I chose to go with heavy partying ).

The whole incident hasn't reached the status of an international incident but it has Brazilians outraged and it embarrasses the U.S. team.