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Full Version: Two Dreams - Not as Warlike, but Still Collapses
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I had two dreams last night that were quite troubling, because I'm not sure what prompted them or their source in terms of who or what sent them. To say they are conflicting, and against the status-quo is quite obvious.

1.  I dream I am sitting, looking out through a window. I only see me in 2nd person looking out the window, I can't see what I am looking at, but I look intense, focused (I see this from a 45-degree angle, so I can't see out the window, but I watch my own body language as the 'me' in the chair is looking.  At this moment, I hear what sounds like a conference room of 6-10 people, and from all the murmur, I hear one distinct voice say, 'THERE WILL BE NO WAR, no matter how much it is sought'. I heard this and instantly thought, 'they are discussing the global war that the world's leaders seek'.  It is as if someone shut a door on me, so I could hear no more, and the dream vanished.

2.  I dream that I see the sea foam of hazy dream fog, and as it starts to clear, I see a 'V' in old Greek style font. It is a large 'V', but the serifs on the letter look Greek or Roman, as you would see on sculptures of the classical age. I think, 'oh, you mean 5', and extend the thought to 'what, 5 months, 5 years?' And almost like an intentional reply, another letter is formed beside it instantly. It is an 'S'. I now see it for what it is, 'VS' (which is the way many Greek classical writings would depict 'US', using a V for a U). I then see a red line drawn diagonally through them from top left to bottom right, and a simple thought - 'The US will be no more, and the world will be ravaged', but it is not done yet. Then, it all disappeared.

From both, I take it that while there will be no 'World War', but that destruction will come on the earth soon. I would then assume it will be either natural (plague, asteroid, meteor, etc.) before 'the powers that be' can kick off their next great war.

That's my take on it, anyhow. I seldom get as many answers as I asked in these two dreams, anyhow.