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Full Version: 4-5-16 Gym membership and Orcas
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I was at a large new gym. Lots of grey color tones, mostly glass, stone, concrete and metal decor.  I am getting a tour both on the main level and of the basement.   The person trying to sell me a membership tells me about their excellent child care program and that it is free.  I think that would be a nice perk if I needed it, which I don’t.  I wander a bit on my own in the basement, looking  for something.  Where is the person “really” in charge.  Are they hiding?  Watching me? I look at the locker rooms, no warmth.  Sleek, grey and high end. I walk down the hall. The lady in charge makes an appearance.  She silently wonders about me, what do I really want?  We have a brief discussion,  How much more to her is there than meets the eye. She tells me a bit more about the gym. Wants to know more about what my desires are for a gym.  I don’t want to tell her too much information.  I am vague.  We part ways.

I want to view the grounds out  back and find myself making my way outside.  As I step outside I am amazed.  It is stunningly beautiful and unexpected. I am surrounded by mountains with light snowcaps, green trees and bushes,  It is an overcast day, grey.  There is a slight chill in the air.  In front of me, a 100 meters from the gym back door is  what appears to be  a fresh water lake.  It forms a horseshoe  shape in the base of the surrounding mountains.  There is a walking area to the right, a stone and wood pathway and a dark grey wooden floating pier in the center of the water, a simple  floating pier without any rails,  wide enough for 2 people to walk side by side.  I walk toward the tiny pier and turn back to glance at the gym.  The Gym looks more like a lodge or resort.  There are big glass windows that view the majestic scenery.  How did I miss this before  when I  was inside?  Oh yea, I came up and out through the basement,  It is stunning here!  Simply stunning!  I glance back to the water and wish it was warmer so I could swim.  I then notice 2 people swimming off in the distance.  If they are swimming perhaps it isn’t as cold as it looks.  I walk down to the end of the floating pier and realize the swimmers are actually orcas and this is an ocean bay.  It reminds me of Glacier Bay, but more private.  I must be in Alaska.  I am then remote viewing myself diving into the water and swimming towards the orcas.  As I swim to them I sense there is more… They wait for me and communicate with each other. I also communicate with them in their orca language of clicks and calls, though it is different.  The lead Orca is shocked at what he hears and begins to cry in excitement.  I am singing/speaking a dialect of orca he hasn’t heard for years.  It is from the "south" and he rejoices.  I am not sure how, but I feel I might be turning into a mermaid, a mermaid who is not colorful, but more like a cross of a Beluga whale or dolphin  and  “energy”.

I am aware that gym has been in recent dreams.  A few days ago I read about Sea World changing the way it will handle their Orcas.  While this may be day residue, I believe there was more to it that just residue.  An interesting overlap of sorts to what others are dreaming?  Maybe.  I am not sure about the strong grey theme but the it was prominent throughout the dream. This is the first dream I have truly remembered for quite some time.  I loved the end and felt it to be a powerful message.
yes, the overlaps are intriguing