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Full Version: Spinning Top
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In the dream, I am walking up a fight of stairs in a house.  I m very cautious walking up in a Kung-Fu type of stance, prepared to be attacked from multiple directions at once.  I have one of my arms (defensively) to my front or to-the-right and the other arm defensively to the (rear) or left.  I slowly advance, down a hallway of half open doors, fully expecting to be attacked from unseen assailants.  As I advance, my legs and lower torso turn into a spinning top, mechanical in function, which allows my upper torso (body) to operate like a gyroscope. I can twist and turn my upper body with lightening speed, to face my assailants no matter from which direction they may come.  My hands also go to and from, bare fist to holding guns.  

Next scene, I  made my way down stairs, making my through the living room and dining room into the kitchen.  Scattered on the floor were many repair parts, both mechanical and electronic. I then realized that I actually their to repair things!  As I made my way into he kitchen I'm greeted by a motherly figure, who informed me that the authorities are interested in speaking with me. I had no intention of speaking with them!  I quickly turned to make my way through the maze of parts in the dining room and living room. The scale of size changed, the rooms became 1000x larger and the parts became 10x larger. The parts become not only parts but landmines.  I raced past the them with unmatched precision and accuracy, and thought to myself the authorities could never catch-up to me.  And that was my thought, as I articulated past the parts/mines with great speed....

I made my way to the stairs again, and again my lower body turned into a top/gyroscope.  I again cautiously headed down the hallway anticipating being attacked.  I headed to the end of the hallway and entered the last room and found only a narrow room with a bed.  I got onto the bed and into the corner of the room, thinking on one could get behind me.  I knew I had picked strategically sound position.  My lower body was spinning intensely, about as fast as a gyroscope could spin.  I stood waiting for awhile, then realize that no one was coming to attack me.  I move slowly from the corner of the room, but my lower torso was still spinning violently.  As I came to fully comprehension that I was not under attack, I made a conscious effort to stop my lower half from rotating, which it did.   The moment my body instantly stopped rotating, at the exact same moment the room (world) around me instantly started to rotated around me.  The world spun with the same velocity; the same exact intensity of my lower torso.  As I started to become disoriented the dream ended.