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Full Version: "mom grass practice dog" Today's botrun insists I report this dogs/Mama dream~
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Awoke dreaming of Mama again, but was this dream also not really about her?? not sure yet but today's' botrun is pointing me that direction.

Both sisters were present this time and we were in Mama's house but she was not there. Dogs everywhere, a smaller breed, part poodle but plumper than pure breed toy poodles, Dogs of all ages, dang thirty or more. The older sister (the one that had schooled Mom about fear being so harmful in a recent dream) was defending this insanity of keeping so many dogs and letting them multiply, and one pup was her fav, getting into her lap being very fond of her, too.

Then neighbors came to inside the house and I welcomed them momentarily, telling them in honesty that I agreed this was too many dogs. But immediately the neighbors got pushy, snooping around this house and I had to even touch them, moving them outdoors, telling them that just because I agreed with them did not give them any right or power to stay beyond a few minutes.

Meanwhile one tiny pup, all white one had gotten crushed and died in the patio door or patio screen door. I was disgusted and fed-up. Meanwhile we had a cop welcomed inside the home and I told him, also that I agreed with him that this had to stop. He then disappeared and I was wanting to phone Mama to school her about this. She was a dynomite soul and this was a shock that this was happening. But, my sisters that in reality are very close buds to me and would never do such a thing, they denied telling me where Mama was so that I could contact her.

I saw a neighbors front door open, maybe bringing their own dog inside? or maybe one from Mama's house, don't know, and I awoke.

Notes..very vivid dream and yet as unrealistic as possible. Mom never had more than one dog, for yrs. had one and her homes were very nice, clean etc. so yet again I suspect there's a more general message in this, not personal at all. just my mind or something is speaking the message through the setting of my personal reality, if this makes sense.