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Full Version: DC, Security Lines, and Titanic
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Intent.  Well, I had planned on making a very clear intention but I was very tired when I got to bed so it only came out as intending to learn something that will happen in the near future.

I am in Washington, DC with my parents navigating the streets on foot.  I have a map of the city and am guiding us to our destination while looking at a map. 2 more blocks and we arrive at our spot.  It is a row building, typical of DC, business/government, not residential.
We enter the building and are in a small to mid-sized lobby.  There are large glass windows facing the street. There is a lady near the door who is greeting people and 2 security lines with X-ray scanners and metal detectors.  My parents greet the lady.  We are expected and she is happy to meet them, finally. They go to the security line on the right, I go to the one on the left.  They move through quickly.  I am stopped.  I have some medicine in my purse, more like vitamins and herbs. They want the paperwork to the medicine.  I produce a stack of papers.  Each is like a separate  prescription for each dosage of pills. They look at the papers and don't know what to do with them. A supervisor is needed.  I look at my parents who are a little annoyed now, they don't want to miss anything.  I tell them to move on ahead, that I will be right behind them.  The lady who greeted us escorts them on ahead.  I am left  to deal with security.  It is at this time I realize I never should have needed to give paperwork for my vitamins and herbs to begin with.  I wish I didn't have the paperwork to begin with. Why is security for this event checking for "medicine" paperwork anyway?  Finally I am cleared to go through, though they still had no idea what to do with me.  I think to myself "so, you don't know what to do with me and you therefore clear me?  Lovely, now I feel very secure".  
I walk unescorted down a corridor which leads to an outdoor courtyard.  I follow the arched covered patio/pathway to the next building and enter.  It seems to be a library of sorts.There are many people mingling around.  I am searching for my parents and notice a clear glass room inside the right side of the library.  It is a VIP room and there is a separate entry with a guard.  I look through the windows and see my dad.  He is having a blast, having some food and wine.  He tells me the lady who escorted them had to go back and get paperwork which she forgot.  It is needed for them to stay in the vip glass room and for me to get inside. It has been a long time however and she hasn't yet returned.  I tell him I will be happy to find her and remind her it is needed .  He is  happy with the suggestion since he feels if he leaves the room, he will not be able to go back in.
I go back out the library doors and begin to retrace my steps.  Unfortunately, once I get to the courtyard, I am now on a street and not near the main building anymore. I take out my map to orient myself again.  I am now a few blocks away and there is road construction blocking my path back.  I know where the building should be in relation to the map, but it isn't visible which makes no sense to me.  I have very good directional sense and am confused.  I walk a little further and am not making progress.  I walk  and walk searching for a way back. It is DC, the buildings are tall so view is limited.  I look around a  building and see the ocean and an orange/ purple/ blue sunset. It reminds me of the sky from a scene of the Titanic when they are on the bow of the ship.  I find I am  near a harbor area though knowing DC, this makes no real sense to me. I stop at a small little park and sit at a picnic table and take out my map.  I am sitting next to a young boy, perhaps 9 years of age.  He also has some maps.  I pick up a map and notice it is a deck plan for the Titanic.  Really?  I put it down , wrong map.  I look for mine.  I notice the boy has a map which is similar to mine but more glossy.  I am trying to figure out if his map might be more accurate without letting him know I am staring at his map.  HIs Dad and Uncle are nearby and we began to have small talk.  I step away with my map for a moment and move to the street to try and get a visual on where I am at exactly.  As I do so, the uncle puts on a top hat and grabs my purse.  He is looking for a special bottle with some sort of liquid.  He pulls something out of my purse and is elated. I think his clothes fit the Victorian era and   he matches the surrounding building architecture. He has a black jacket on.  He is not of his right mind.  What is he trying to do? I wake up when the phone rings.

Thoughts.  Part of the time the glass room in the library had clear glass and part of the time it was opaque.  I am not sure what the event was at the library but the main part of the event had not yet began when I left the room.  I was aware many different times in the dream that things did not make sense, at the security line with the paperwork, at the "harbor" and with Titanic references, changing glass, blocked and changed paths or locations and a Victorian dude.
This may sound odd but I think that once you left the library room and went into the courtyard, you left your dream scenario and entered another that was a set up scenario. Not only were you not in the DC area, you jumped coasts, given you were seeing a sunset over the harbor. I'd be interested in knowing what it was the man found in your purse because it was something he wanted, something that must have been important to him.
(04-07-2016, 05:47 AM)DLP Wrote: [ -> ]I'd be interested in knowing what it was the man found in your purse because it was something he wanted, something that must have been important to him.

Men always want to know what is in a woman's purse.... after all isnt that why men chase woman?

The metaphor is brilliant.
DLP, I could have left the dream, I hadn't really considered. Interesting observation about the sunset and the coast. What did he want in my purse? It was something small in a round, black via- like necklace. He thought it somewhat magical. It was a eureka type of moment for him. I was thinking "huh? He wants that?"
Windy, LMAO!!!
LOL, Windy. I know my purse carries many treasures because I like to be prepared for anything that might come my way. At the very least, my purse could be a dangerous weapon if I took a swing at someone. Big Grin

Spouse stays out of my purse unless he has permission to root around in there. He learned a long time ago that I tend to be territorial of my "stuff" and will get VERY testy should I feel boundaries are breached. Wink

But yes, a purse is a metaphor. Because each purse is different and contains different items, beyond ID and forms of money, I think a purse could refer to the person. If that's true, then it's a matter of figuring out what was taken.