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Full Version: It's the economy
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So I was driving through town, slowly and this kid jumped in front of me. I slammed on the brakes and was scowled at. Was on my way back from work to be with my family. The were so many people out enjoying life without a care in the world. On the way back to where we are staying for the winter, I somehow got out of my car because of the crowd.

There were people sitting on the curb watching the end of a bike race that I had no idea was happening. It seemed as though everyone was enjoying life and then there was me. I got back to where I was headed and somehow there was a bar in front of where I was staying. I'm here were some acquaintances at the bar and while walking in to where we were staying I bumped in to an individual who was trying to get me to buy some commercial real estate that I had been pondering buying. I told him that it was over valued and by 50%.

To this the people sitting at the bar laughed and said really how do you figure. I said the whole economy has been driven. By falling interest rates for decades and that as they can fall any further what do you the think will happen when they begin to rise again?? I tried to explain and got frustrated stating what happens when rates rise by 2% and came to the conclusion that stating that yep it's not the end of the world, but that the increase will be an associated decline in discretionary income for a ski vacation. Stating that the low fuel prices are also putting extra cash in people's pockets so they can spend a few extra bucks monthly and when they rise again things will change. I got so mad as they sit around selling stuff to one another making a buck and then I currently pay to work making cheese and milking cows. Got back to my place and the table for the market was falling apart someone tried to help fix it and the people outside were loud ranting about how I knew nothing so I came back out and was aggressive defending my position and went back to my place frustrated with the world. Then I woke, not day residue but could be life residue