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Full Version: 4/10/16 Strangest Crown Fights and Dies
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Cool-intriguing! Is this the leader of a nation? or CEO of some company? Is the crown a dieing social practice? First thing that came to my mind was the head of Isil/Isis or some freak-org. One can hope.

"anger feeling correct" nice the bot's giving us permission again, as it did very recently but about what, can't remember.

LOL "bunny couple one deal" oh boy, is this about the playboy mansion again? they sold the thing now?? well, guess that'll be annnounced soon, hey maybe a disinfectant corp is gonna buy it.

"nice beast melted kiss" the phrase "lambs led to the slaughter" came to mind immediately upon reading this one. dunno why.

Oooh, "snake" is in this run, so maybe the "strange crown" really does have something to do with Isis or some such evil.

Cryptic and don't like this group " ghost big setting moon remove hours."
ghost big  setting moon remove hours unsure hazy-
There was an eclipse today!
A stellar eclipse will be visible from nearly everywhere in the United States and much of southern Canada this Sunday (April 10). Even skywatchers in Hawaii will be able to see the eclipse, although it will not be visible from Alaska.
The waxing crescent moon, 15 percent illuminated by the sun, will pass in front of the star that marks the angry orange eye of the constellation Taurus, also known as the Bull.
That star is Aldebaran, the 13th brightest star in the sky and certainly one of the more colorful ones. This eclipse is known to astronomers as a lunar occultation. As the moon orbits the Earth, it appears, from our perspective, to move slowly toward the east relative to the stars, at roughly its own diameter per hour. A waxing moon always leads with its dark edge as it moves along its orbit against the starry background.
However, there is a catch: Across most of its viewing range, the moon will be crossing in front of the star during the daytime.

Some skywatchers may think that this will preclude them from seeing the occultation, but that's not necessarily so. While you certainly will not be able to see it with your unaided eye, if you're looking just prior to when it vanishes behind the moon, a good pair of binoculars or a small telescope should allow you to pick out Aldebaran against the blue daytime sky.

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The entertainer Prince has died. He was a pretty strange crown.
(04-21-2016, 03:46 PM)TheLion Wrote: [ -> ]The entertainer Prince has died. He was a pretty strange crown.

And I'd call it a #came true.

Boy. Who would have thought when the bot said "prince" it referred to the singer? Sad