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Full Version: Theater Dream, 4/12/2016
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Start of Dream. I have been invited to attend an awards ceremony at a historical theater. I arrive at the theater and there is red carpet in the front steps. Once inside I see there are lots of guests and many are seated in the main auditorium listening to the MC. Someone says, there are tables in the side wings and in the balcony. Those are for people to sit if they want the buffet. I slowly start waking around taking in the scene and notice all the gold gilding and ornate carvings on the columns and walls. This theater is huge and looks like it was built in the 1800's and has been lovingly restored through the years.

I walk up to the balcony and see a couple I know so I walk over to them to say hello. They are happy to see me and ask me to join them. So I sit and we talk for a while before I get up and go walking around a bit more. I pass the buffet and try to get a look at what is being served so I can decide if I want to eat. I notice the tables all had little lamps on them so there was no bright glaring lights in the area with tables. This is such a nice happy place. End of Dream.