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Full Version: Christmas Day Dream~
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I was in my livingroom with relatives, no decorations or usual holiday ambiance. Then, a DJ from the islands that always made things festive in any way he could was in his PJ robe and looking out our window. He acted excited when Daddy got home from work, telling us he was home, sorta like saying Santa Claus was there.

I greeted Daddy from inside the door and he was very tired and forlorn. He, I could tell was hungry as he looked inside a garbage can or something in the front yard, then exclaiming to me "I worked eleven hours today!" Then, to tell me how stressful the day was, he said very close to "I had diamonds in my possession today." (or he may have said "all day.")

He then asked me, "Did you give it to her yet?" I said that I had not and his face lit up with sheer joy as he headed on into the house. I somehow knew he meant my older daughter as he said "she."

I then awoke.

(Notes---This did not look like any house I have ever lived in before nor the current apartment. The mood of the dream was really serious but not depressed. No holiday trappings and then so sweet when Daddy was joyful over the one gift he was giving.

I was in a very serious mood upon awakening, humbled and knowing it was a personal call to prayer. I immediately felt that this dream was saying about the end of this year that "it will be different."