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In this thread,, Skeetersaurus mentioned driving a classic car. I, too, dreamed of driving a classic car-Skeetersaurus' car was way cooler than mine, however. Big Grin -so I thought I'd post my nighttime dreaming activity as well. It was an odd collection of dreams with the only commonality being the classic cars.

16 April 2016
No intention set

A series of dreams:

1) I'm driving around in a white '53 Buick. There's a woman I don't know riding shotgun. She's dressed in a pantsuit, all business-like. Me, I'm dressed in jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers. I park in a parking lot filled with vehicles. We get out, walk a bit and exit onto a beach. Nice day but the beach isn't crowded. There are fully-dressed people on the sand and in the water but this doesn't seem odd to me. We walk along the beach until we reach a group of people in business dress. They've cordoned off an area and have set up tables, chairs, a buffet, and a projection screen. A man approaches us, hands us some flyers, and welcomes us to the "FBI recruitment luncheon." The woman with me immediately heads towards the buffet line. I don't move. The man asks me if I'm interested in joining the FBI. I laugh, point to my hair, and tell him I seriously doubt the FBI is recruiting middle-aged women to the agency. He laughs with me and tell me to at least get some lunch. No thanks, I tell him, I've eaten. He tells me that fewer people have attended than expected and they have a lot of leftovers. He hands me a cake and tells me to take it home with me. I take the cake, carry it back to the Buick-after a bit about having to remember where I've parked-pop the hood, and stick the cake into a storage well next to the engine. Then I get in the Buick and leave the beach.

2) Pull into my neighborhood. All the driveways contain classic cars of varying vintages, makes and models. I wonder when driving classic cars became so popular. Me, I'd rather be driving my Mustang.

3) Parked in the driveway. The spouse comes out of the house. I pop the hood on the Buick and tell him there's a cake in there but I can't reach it. We both look at the cake. It's in really bad shape now. He scoops the cake out of the storage well and tosses it in the trash can. Then he fiddles with the oil filter. I ask what he's doing. He says it looks like the Buick needs a new oil pump. He shows me the filter. It's coated with dirty crusted oil. I agree with him and ask where would we get an oil filter for a '53 Buick. He says Autozone. I comment that it would be nice if our car guys were around, they could change it in a heartbeat.

4) Our son pulls into our driveway. He's driving a blue and white '57 Chevy station wagon. I'm surprised because this is someone who loves his tech stuff and the Chevy is definitely not high tech. His dad asks him how much he paid for the car. The kid says $800, a real deal because other than some upholstery work and a new paint job, the car is in great condition. I ask him if his wife is good with this. Oh yeah, he tells me, she doesn't mind at all. Then he tells us he has a chance to go back into the Army Infantry but he needs more money to buy his way in. This does not strike us as odd and we discuss how much we can help him.

5) My DIL is screaming at my grandson for some reason when I enter the house. GS sees me and runs to me. I pick him up and he clutches at me. I feel his little heart racing as I ask what's going on. My son tells me not to interfere. I tell him I'm not interfering but DIL never yells at the baby. Never. And I want to know what happened to cause her to yell at him now. There is no answer.

6) Two men in fancy suits and a woman in a fancy suit show up at our house. It's a small house and we're rather crammed in there, with spouse and me as well as son, DIL, and GS all living in the space. The trio wants to talk to us about buying another house. We sit down at the table and they present their spiel about moving to a bigger, nicer house. I tell them no, we just sold our house and aren't ready to buy again so soon. They dismiss my comment, talking to spouse and the others. They show brochures of houses in the city, whichever city they were talking about, and how we could get a good deal on the houses. Spouse looks at me. I shake my head. Tell them no, I don't want to live in the city. Can't live in the city. Too many people and I need to be able to see the stars at night. They scoff at me. I just repeat what I said, adding I know it sounds odd but I can't deal with all the people crowding in on me. They look at each other and some sort of message passes between them. I know they're going to argue, going to try and convince the others that we need to move, and I'm not going to put up with that crap. And I woke.


First thing that popped into my head after I woke was what was up with the classic car bit? I may dream of cars occasionally but they're always cars I recognize, like my Mustang or my parents' land yacht. And there's no way in hell my son would give up his SUV with all the bells and whistles for an old car. Not only that, he's a below the knee amp on his left leg so he couldn't even work a clutch. Not sure what was going on there.

Also not sure of the significance of the people in suits or the bit with my DIL screaming at the baby. Seriously, she would never do that, unless he was in danger of some sort. She is beyond patient with him, even after she has to pull him out of the dog's water dish for the umptieth time in the day.
Geez DLP, I want to ride shotgun, but do not make me wear a pantsuit! I'd be in jeans too..hahaha!

Very interesting with the classic car theme. What do classic cars, or maybe just the word classic, suggest to you? Or maybe it's a reference to a simpler time, perhaps?
For me, old cars, especially pre-1980's, mean no electronics. My Jeep is an '86 but my car guys rebuilt the engine without any electronics/computers. So perhaps a reference to the need to have vehicles that can run without electronics.

And if I gotta drive a classic, couldn't it have been one of the early Cobra? No, I get a Buick, for pity's sake. Big Grin
Ah, now that makes sense, especially if there is an emp or solar flare. Those types of vehicles would be necessary.

My condolences on the Buick. Maybe not a fast, sleek vehicle, but dependable!
I was thinking non electronic cars. It would be interesting if other dreamers start dreaming non electronic things too.