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Full Version: More Cars - Lost Technology
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Very strange dream last night. I was in a Southwestern US city, looked like a dozen I've been to on the border, so can't place it other than to say it is in the Desert Southwest somewhere near the border.

There are all these young people, 18-30. By comparison, I am twice their age. I feel old, and they stare at me in a curious way. I watch them walk up and down the street on a bright, sunny, peaceful day. There is no one else as old as me on the street, in any building or anywhere else to be seen.

I then notice that they are using 'old mechanisms' and 'old technologies' to get around (conveyances). Old ragged bicycles, cars with hoods missing, rickshaw tricycles with chainsaw motors and more. It is truly a hodge-podge of homemade ingenuity combined with whatever they can get their hands on. There are a few cars (small ones) around, as a early-'80's Chevette drives by (smoking, and very loud with no muffler). Gasoline is very hard to find, and many of the remaining cars to be found have been converted to diesel. Most simply walk, but for those moving cargo, foods, and other things, they are 'using up' the last of our old transportation system. The roads are, for-the-most-part, overgrown and unusable outside of the city. Only the city streets are still used.

It is like I can 'hear' the young ones' thoughts. If you find an abandoned vehicle on the side of the street, you can claim it if you can make it move. The world has clearly left (or leaving) the petroleum age, the 'old ones' are almost all gone, and while few in number are left than were here previously, a completely different mindset has come. They think very alien to what we do now, they don't understand us and don't care to, nor do we understand what drives them or what they are thinking. Someone asks me a question, being as I am 'one of the old ones'; they hold up an item and ask me 'what was this made to do?', and I tell them. They reply with 'what were you thinking that you needed to do that?'  I am suddenly surrounded by young who want to know many answers to what we were thinking when we did this or that.  I hesitate, and remember thinking, 'if I tell them, will they only follow in our footprints again?'  They seem to have lost most-all history, and have an 'innocent start'. I walk away, thinking it is best to keep it to myself. They now think me stranger, still.

I take it, that it is a glimpse of another age to come, after some great cataclysm occurs, which for whatever reason, kills most of the older generations as a result.