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Full Version: 10 mg quake to strike the world soon
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I had a dream last night that there will be a near 10 mg quake to strike somewhere in the world soon.
Boy I hope not, but thanks for reporting on your dream. It's the continued reporting, by existing and new members, that keeps this grand experiment alive and kicking. So BIG thanks!!!
did you get any idea of where, what kind of back ground was it that you saw, or the kind of people. cold climate or warm climate?
here is another clip on earthquakes
I think japan or south america but the dream sequence always leaves things scrambled around so I can't figure out a pattern to it.
Dang, Honshu or Chile are likely culprits/victims actually. Offshore Chile would be my guess, God-forbid.
there are a line of quakes, splitting one of japans islands in half.

This article explains the similarities between the 1906 series of earthquakes that led to the devastation of San Francisco. As compared to the current series we see between Japan and Ecuador.
Thanks Michaelg60!