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Full Version: Dream of a new bar in Basel
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18th April 2016

i saw 2 men who opened a new bar with 3 pool billiard tables. 2 Tables were paralel to the Bar and one straight. The bar was outside under the sky and like a buvette, as we call it in Basel. It was to be free to play billiard so there are clients to drink beer. I drank a beer then. 
The bar was close to the Klingental in Basel. The klingental used to be a Women Monastery, then was used as a Military Fort, and today it is a school. 


My neighbour is working for the klingental museum, and I saw him with beer once. My school friend works close by and we had an after work beer once. maybe we have soon one again, his girlfriend also runs a buvette in another place in basel. She also runs the place named uncle and I am soon to become uncle again. 
Then a friend is supposed to come and live with me until the 8th of July. The 8 ball is the last to sink in pool.