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Full Version: Strange Night, Strange Day, Stranger Dreams
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The past 24 hours or so have been 'strange', to say the least.  First off, while I like my rest (and have been fitful to have good rest in a while), I've been feeling like I am trying to come down with something. To this point, I slept broken sleep all last night with some dreams that I had trouble remembering this morning. Being 'self-contracting' mostly, I decided today needed to be a 'day off', and threw in the towel at the start. I checked the house thermostat, and crawled back into bed. While I meant to only take a nap, I awoke this afternoon at about 5:45pm to a 'computer message' causing my server to 'ding' at me (sounds like a sharp chime when I get an incoming message...and I have left the volume up too loud).  More than surprised, I jumped up (thinking it was the door) only to realize how long I had slept - almost 10-hours unbroken! I also remembered in detail the dreams I had earlier.

I dreamt I was having a detailed conversation with someone regarding 'modern national and world history', as if I was trying to make a point that 'it isn't as benign as you see it as', and that evil is far more prevalent than first-look would make it seem. (it was as if I was talking to someone who was merely giving cursory, superficial looks at the earth, and i was trying to point out that this place is far worse than a first-look would seem).

I was not accusing in tone, merely discussing this, as if it were a board-meeting of types, making valid cases substantiated with proof. Not quite 'courtroom' in nature, but more of a 'fact-finding' discussion, and I was the researcher. I was asked to explain my point further, and it was as if I jumped into the middle of a much longer conversation. What I do remember started with:

{the majority of this is my dream of me speaking} 'I do not think that 'he' realizes the point at which this has reached. Without blatant direct actions {implying most actions are of a subtle nature that could and often-are, written off as 'natural forces'} 'he' will not be able to stop this now without massive catastrophe devastating major population centers.' 'He' thinks that it will be merely a function of intercession with surgical precision, but what is not realized fully, is that they are not only aware of this, and have spent billions of dollars on counterpoint to this, but that they fully intend to stand against him to retain their rule. Consider in point, that 'he' believes that this evil structure will merely fail when natural forces act to induce chaos upon global populations, but the reality to be considered is that they have prepared for this exact function. When electricity supplies are interrupted by 'his' desired means, the incorrect assumption is that world financial controls will fail, causing cessation of payment to forces and troops which will stop this over-arching control function. In reality, this is the very reason that so many years of stable foods and weapons cachements have been stored. Digital currency may be eradicated, but the replacement currency will be food, weapons and supporting munitions. In fact, cessation of the financial systems now used will result in even MORE totalitarian evil regime rule than is in place now.  'He' has waited too long, and they have paid more attention in retaining their dominant rule through continuity plans than his 'preferred peoples' have spent standing against it. They will pay their troops with food and supplies, while the population centers starve. It will thus, only pay to be part of the evil, or you will starve.

{the conversation breaks off and re-emerges in the same discussion some time later...}

Consider the various plans and operational contingents they not only have developed, but have further perfected in the past half-century. There was the 'Operation Garden Plot' and 'Operation Cable Splicer' and 'Splicer II', which those have progressed into even recent perfections known as 'Jade Helm 15', but annual practices to maintain such skills. Their plans are to quell insurrection, control civil uprisings, incarcerate and detain those whom they deem 'insurgent' and extradite them as needed to permanent detention or worse. Those who would be caught up in this will not face fair courts, but military tribunals and absolute rule by military forces. There is no end to this. Those who have prepared this path are far more prepared than those who would say they do not support it.

Unlike most of my dreams, this one did not 'immediately terminate', but faded. As it faded, I felt that the majority I spoke in front of agreed with my analysis, and that as a result, another path was to be taken.

I am not sure what I dreamt, who I was addressing, or what the reason was for me to have this much vision moreso than those whom I spoke to, who I felt should have seen more of this than I. I felt like some 'technical analyst' that they had been awaiting my report for some time, that my discourse was anticipated and appreciated (albeit with some trepidation), and that in the end, their fears of the facts I reported being worse than what that they had originally expected. This was not me 'speaking out of turn' or 'behind someone's back', but I felt like I stood in the middle of some Greek Coliseum delivering a formal report to a sizable group.

As I did wake up, I only thought one thing, 'who am I to be delivering such a grim report', and to whom did I just deliver this report to? I do not know who I referenced over-and-over, by the use of the pronoun 'he', either.

P.S. - Needless to keep saying, while I know of many things in government and society, I am not a 'trumpet blowing conspiracist', and that my dreams in no way echo my conscious thoughts (other than to write out my dreams when awake). I also seem to know quite a bit more about various topics in dreams, than I consciously realize I do day-to-day. While this is not the 'first dream' I have had where I feel like a witness and observer, as well as a technical advisor or reporter; this is the first one where I have ever felt like I was talking to a large, formal group and giving an expected report. On a tangent, I have felt for several weeks now, when I have 'ominous dreams', that I am always 'reassured' that 'you will not be there when it begins'. Cyclopean 'death omens' or something else?
In the dream you were some brave and truly outspoken patriot but literally "who" which had the opportunity to speak to this group, is the real puzzle. This sounded like the best of the radio hosts or a Glenn Beck type of public person. Or, is Cruz going to grow-a-pair and speak this boldly??

Who you were referring to, my very strong hunch as I read it was "he" = BO and "they" = The Fed.

Just my two cents.

AWESOME dreams you are being gifted. Fascinating that it's not how you think regularly when awake. You've got it going on and at a time when it's most needed, IMO. (At this time I am having to hold back the tide of temptation to worry that our economy could have a true emergency before re-investing some funds into our forever-home. Yet, knowing the wisdom of not rushing to just "settle" and buy the first property we half-like.) Very precarious precipice this nation and world are standing upon.