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Full Version: quake/tsunami
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I dreamed I was on the shore of a ocean or sea in a hot desert region, very desolate not semi-arid but real desert. It was a narrow part of the sea because I could see the opposite shore I suppose like you could in places like Gibraltar, entry to the Red Sea, entry to the Persian Gulf or the North end of the Gulf of California in Baja, I also suppose it could be a huge island across the Sea rather than a narrow passage or bay, I also suppose it could be an inland sea like the Salton Sea or Caspian in a dry desert area. The quake happened and then a huge tsunami came towards me. There was no city around I saw but there were some people, both dark complexion people mostly and some people of European roots so that could be anywhere. I also suppose it could have been triggered by an underwater landslide triggered by the quake. The last time I dreamed of a quake was just before the one North of the Bay area where I saw dry streams fill up, which did happen when new springs opened from the quake, I think that was August 2014 or maybe August 2013?. I do not remember dreams often but this one like the previous quake dream was very clear and I still remember it, I had it probably between 4-7am PDT 4/20/16. I woke up before the wave hit.
Welcome back, firefighter, and thanks for posting your dream!
Thanks Firefighter! Your vivid description is appreciated.
Firefighter, hearty welcome and thank you for jumping in with this dream. Please know this welcome has a hope attached that you'll not hesitate to post more dreams and post on any or all of our public threads. This Grand Experiment of NDC is increasingly blessed as more folks participate helping us analyze others' dreams, the daily Dreambot Runs and share their hunches,etc.

This dream of yours indeed sounds like it may center near Baja.