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Full Version: 4/21/2016 11:15pm Native Lands
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I am sitting in a field, high yellow grass all around me. I am trying to make sure i position myself in just the right way so that I am standing in the correct spot on the US map.

An old Native American man walks over to me, he has a young plump woman with him. She carries a buffalo bag and a wooden box for the old man. The Medicine Man walks up to me and stands way to close to me, he is squinting at me, and I can feel him looking through me, not at me. I feel a bit uncomfortable by this action, but I not do anything nor move, because i am standing in the right spot on the map.

The man takes a feather out of the box, burns some sweet grass and says a prayer over me with the feather. Then they move onto the next person standing close by.

I look around and see people standing all over the field of beautiful yellow grass.
They are all coming to be cleansed.

One of them men standing close by to me, is telling me what to expect from the shaman, and the ceremony he has come for. When i look in this man's direction however he is standing next to a mini merry go round the kids kind with horses that used to be outside of every grocery store.

I realize as I am looking around that these people are all in this place for the wrong reason. I am suppose to be here, it is a safe place and i have seen all of the signs, I have this feeling like i am home as I look around at the natural landscape. People keep talking to me though while i am standing here waiting peacefully.

A Native Man walks up to me, he was chained to a post and there was a trailer/restaurant where he was standing. (I soon realize I am seeing a glimpse of these peoples lives but i am still not sure why) He starts talking to me about the shaman, and I turn to him and tell him that I am here because i was called here, and i am not waiting on the medicine man. He seems shocked by this fact. I point to the north east and I tell the man, I am very happy to be so close to the bad lands.

He looks at me and says "Yeah, we are kind of close i guess". His comment jolts me to realize I am not on the correct spot on the map that I am suppose to be on.
As this realization comes over me, I turn back to the native man, and I see him in a shoot out at this Trailer/Restaurant and I attempt to run inside so I am not hit by flying bullets.

I realize that as I was running for the trailer there were funny looking beings in black and white stripes running out of the hills towards us.

I am not in a trailer, that is the part of this mans life i am seeing, i am still in the field, so what are the black and white stripped creatures I just saw!

The trailer fades away and I am back standing in the field, I hear a voice say "they are the tricksters" on the back of one of these tricksters i see a Navajo symbol "The whirling Mountains of the Navajo"

The shaman is coming back around, everyone around me is getting excited and now all of the people/faces have changed.

I still have this sense that I am exactly where I should be, and I am not there for the shaman, but I am there because it is home.
As strange as it may sound, I fully understand this dream and what it means. I have seen a similar story told differently in imagery for a long time. To fully explain that one dream segment would take a book (I didn't understand it at first, and had questions, and they kept taking me back into it to explain better until I feel like now I have spend hundreds of hours 'being instructed' on the greater 'plan' that is held within that one simple story).

It is about rebirth, deception, a new nation and world, and those who keep trying to write themselves into the 'greater story' who do not belong in it at all. It is about a specific geographical location for a given group too. Tremendous story actually, I am only regretful that it can't be just generally-shared - YET.
I too.....

I also have had many many dreams pointing to this very thing.  That we all are moving to a new land.
A land that is NOT earth nor a physical planet as telescopes might see!  

Some, or much, of this land has already been created.

Some of the previous land, often called by many many names, like the astral planes, the entry levels of heavens, has been cleared to make room for this land.

The johovahs witness people, yes , like it or not, they have the closest vision of what this land will be like, in my opinion. Back in the nineties, after my parents died, a bit of land was sold for one of their churches.  I visited my aunt, one day, next door, and I had a talk with their minister.  On his office wall was a drawing of this land!  A verdent lush place, a "garden of Eden".  I later read their book after their idea of the future.  
Jesus will return and he will rule the land and there will be no more sickness, no more pain except ones own, there is the old heaven still above them, in vibration level,  those who have died years ago and have progressed.
Of course these people think this land will be the physical earth!  No...

And both my pen pal lady and I have had numerous dreams about those souls who will try to get in but are not spiritual enough to be entitled to live there. long a a afterlife entity can suck vital energy from the living down on earth, they can live in their own place and not have to reincarnate!   Since they are not vibrating on nice vibrations, they can only use our negative thoughts and feelings.  Thus they NEED us to be negative!!

These souls are the true VAMPIRES!  But they probably sense that soon most of the incarnated humans will be gone.  What then?!  They cannot suck any more energy and thus they have to reincarnate.  But into WHAT?!  There will not be enough babies to go around.  
Maybe the ufo masters might place them onto another planet, they can then incarnate.  Alas, they will then have lost the chance to be Spiritualized, by the Christ and will have to suffer through many many incarnations on that planet until they internalize that planet,s Christ within them!

So these negative beings, both up there out of incarnation and down here incarnated, why they are getting very nervous!  Here on earth, you see examples, like a certain African nation where a dictator guts his country just to self enable more power and control for just he alone!
And watch certain russian leaders try to remake communism again....again,vthat power and control.

Little wonder there are so many vampire movies games and books these days.
What is it, now, that if you can become a vampire you will live forever?  Yes, not to reincarnate after you die!  But only for a little need to suck the vital life blood energy from the living.

The stairway to heaven, she is buying a stairway to heaven.  There are two stairs to two heavens, she is buying the wrong one!

The time of these negative beings is nearing a close.  The ones in spirit will try to sneak into this new land.  Stowaways!   They will be found out, of course.