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Full Version: Dream & Vison from years ago
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Normally on a Friday night I am asleep by 10:00 pm with the aid of Advil PM. Tried going to sleep tonight without the Advil pm and decided to take them about 11:00. It is now almost 1:30 and I am wide awake. Makes me wonder if something big is going down tonight in the world. After doing general prayers for people, all living beings and the earth and universe, I am still wide awake.

While I am trying my best to empty my mind so I can sleep, I have flashbacks to a dream and a vision I had years ago. Then it got me to thinking about transferring what I have saved on old floppy disc's to a jump drive. After I exhausted those thoughts, I am still awake. If I have already posted this, please forgive.

Start of Dream. I call this the "grey dead zone". In the dream I am hovering in the air and look up to see a grey colored zone. There are people floating around the zone and they look like they cannot leave. I fly near the zone and cannot feel any emotion. Then I realize that these people cannot move out of this zone and I feel so bad for them because they spend all their time searching for a way out. I go into the zone and tell two people to hold on to me and I will get them out. Then two more people float toward me asking if they can come also. I said yes, so I have one on each leg and each arm. I told them to hold on tight because I am taking them to the light. We get to a bridge and I tell them “you can let go now” and they let go of me and the light took them across the bridge.

The dream ends with me thinking that I wasn’t supposed to enter the grey zone. It was a “spur of the heart” moment thing. I just could not bear the thought of not helping at least as many as I could. I also think that I won’t be able to enter the grey zone again even if I wanted to. End of Dream.

Start of Vision. I am meditating and suddenly find myself in a space sitting on a floor, yet I don’t think there are walls. I am sitting on a floor and look around me to see that there is a circle of crystal rods around me. They are twelve and they are clear. Then I see someone or more than one person, not sure how many. They put their hand(s) over the crystals and the crystals changed heights and colors. I stayed sitting there for a while and when my treatment was finished the people walked away and the crystals receded back to the short height and were clear again. End of Vision

Yeah, the energy is wild right now. It's more than just the full moon. Something's going on and going down and I'm being blocked from finding out what right now.