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Full Version: Putin, batteries & elevator dream, 4/24/16, am
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Start of Dream:  I am sitting at a desk in a large office with other people scattered far apart and they are at desks also. President Putin walks in the room holding a device in his left hand. As he walks past my desk, he nods to me and says, Yulia. I follow him toward the windows and say, Mr. Putin what are you seeing? He says, they want me to see the destruction. Then I see what he is seeing, it is a building that had been destroyed. You could see the metal, glass and concrete all twisted up. We both sigh and turn toward each other.  He holds out his left hand that is still holding the device and says, it needs 2 lithium batteries, 2 different sizes. I said, yes, Mr. Putin I know where the batteries are stored. He smiled, nodded his head saying, Yulia and I nodded back saying, Mr. Putin. We knew without my saying anything that I would bring the device back to him once I put new batteries in it.   

On the way to my desk I could feel the other people in this office looking at me and know they were watching the interaction between myself and Mr. Putin. I could telepathically hear them say, They won’t be happy about this. Then I see a very serious looking woman walking toward me from the other side of the office. She is the “they” the other workers are talking about.  I decided to leave the office so I won’t have to speak with her because there is nothing she can really do to stop us from talking. She is upset  and I don’t want to hear it right now. She walks closer toward me so I ignore her and go about my business.

I am walking in a hallway headed to the elevator so I can go to the storage area for the batteries.  A man walks out of a room looking visibly upset so I stop to ask him why.  He said, someone signed a DNR and I don’t want her to die. So I told him to come with me so I can find someone to help him. Two people stop us asking what is happening so I explain what the man needs and a woman says, bring him there, pointing to a door.
I went on my way to the elevator and when I got to the elevator, it was not working. Some maintenance men came and had to manually raise the elevator to the level of the floor. There were people inside that we had to help pull out of the top of the elevator. Someone started handing me Barbie dolls so of course I question this and a woman says, please take the dolls and put them aside, so I piled them up on the floor next to me.  Then I reached in the elevator and someone said, be careful she is fragile and I lifted out a little girl who is handicapped and can’t walk. Then I helped her Mom out and the mom went over to her child checking her to make sure she was ok. I asked about the Barbie dolls and the mom explained that her daughter is handicapped and only responds to the dolls so they are very important. I smile and am very happy that I was able to help.

Then I find myself in a lobby of sorts with other people. Then I am in what looks like a Bed and Breakfast house with a group of people perhaps 8 to 10 people. We are there for a meeting and all sit at a large table.  When it was over someone says, it’s morning, time to go. Then someone said, breakfast will be ready in a few minutes if anyone wants to stay and eat. I walk into the kitchen and comment to a woman next to me how much would love to have this kitchen and that stove.

End of dream
There is so much in your dream Julie! I don't really know what to say. It did take me a second read through to realize Yulia was your name. Haha. I am quite curious about the first part.
TB- His calling me Yulia caught me by surprise, so my first thought was, he knows it's me. I don't know one word of Russian or ever heard anyone call me by the Russian version of Julie. I did not at any time feel uncomfortable but felt like I was on yet another assignment.  

The device has to be part of a weapon since we saw the destroyed building. Maybe "They" want him to reconsider using it since it may cause more damage than he is being told.  Definitely, someone wants him to know what the devise is capable of so he can't say he didn't know. Then I never make it to the storage room to get the batteries so I never returned the device to him. This is a positive note and helps me to believe that the device won't be used.

The end reminded me that I periodically travel with a what I call a Soul Group. We take care of business, then re-group later to debrief and then back to our beds.  What clues me in is when someone says, "it's morning, time to go".
Hey Julie. I saw this today and thought about your dream. I wonder if they are connected. If Russia did in fact bomb a Doctors Without Borders hospital, I am sure there would be people in Putin's circle who would not be comfortable with the act.
'The UN says the situation in Syria's city of Aleppo is catastrophic, after dozens of people were killed in attacks on targets including a hospital. Air strikes on and around the Medecins Sans Frontieres-backed al-Quds hospital killed at least 27 people, while more than 30 died in other attacks...
Local sources blamed war planes from the Syrian military or from Russia, which is supporting the government of President Bashar al-Assad, for the attack.
The Syrian military denied targeting the hospital. A military source was quoted on state TV as saying: "Such news is merely an attempt to cover up terrorist crimes which target peaceful citizens in Aleppo."
An activist at the scene, named Zuhair, told the BBC: "It was an air strike by two rockets, heavy rockets from [a] Russian air strike.
"Near the hospital, one building on five floors just crumbled and just crashed down and we don't know how many dead will be under these ruins."
However, Russian news agencies quoted the Russian defence ministry as saying it had carried out no air strikes in Aleppo in the past few days.'
Hey TB - Thank you for keeping me engaged on this one because after I post dreams here, I forget most of them. Yes, I saw this in the news yesterday and could not get a definite yes or no on if this is the building I saw. Maybe I just didn't want to believe it was the same building.

If it was the Russian Military I have a feeling I'll be seeing Putin in Dream Time again soon. If he approved this bombing after being counseled, I fear for his Spirit. He is not totally lost to the dark side yet, so there is hope that he can be reached. And as in all cases, this has to be done without interfering with his Free Will. I have to believe that there is always hope to turn people from getting totally immersed in the darkness we know as evil.

As I am writing this, I have started thinking in my Spirit language and am feeling myself wanting to go on walk-about. Jeese, I'm at my desk at work and cannot go on walk-about! Every time I hit "save changes" to this post I think of something to add.