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Full Version: 4/24/2016 9:30am (Wind Walk) Lily's Mojo
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I am greeted by a light, soft pink swirled with hot white being. An angelic sweet porcelain face appears from the light. This angelic being speaks to me in my mind and says, you are seeking information for another soul... I will be your guide today.

I thank her, and i look around and nothing is familiar in any way. She is different I asked this being. Yes, this little flower is one of ours, which is why I am here to guide you. I am in need of her soul design and the colors to assist her spirit. She is also in need of stone and feathers to give her positive energy and keep her connected to spirit. Can you assist me with all of this? Yes said the being.

We being to walk and this being opens a portal in front of us, and shows me her world. There are three planets all so close to each other that they look like balls balancing on each other, even though they are some distance from each other.
This reminds me of balancing stones. The being says to me, this is her soul design but it is to be doubled, her heart pain began early so she will need willow branches for her base design.

I asked this being "Her heart pain, needs double the willow" (Aspirin is made from Willow) "Are there any stones that can assist with this?" I asked, yes the first will be Pink Howlite which will reduce anxiety, tensions, stress and anger, it is gentle, soothing and will calm her energy. She will also need rose quarts this will help to keep her heart open through the pain so she may have a beautiful and fulfilling experience in this human body, and will make her spiritual growth strong.

I reach into the portal and pull out the three planets, in my hand they are the three hoops of the willow, and i pluck two stars from the sky, in my hands those two stars are the pink howlite and the rose quartz. I look at the size of each stone and i know what hoop they are meant to be in due to size. The being closes the portal and turns towards me.

She says "Lily will need balance of her energy and the best thing for that will be the Color yellow, which is male energy, the suns energy. She already has wisdom above others, so she will benefit greatly from the white of wisdom."

We walk a little ways more and I look down on the ground before me are yellow leather, white leather, and soft fluffy white feathers. I thank this guide for the abundance of material for my work.

As we are walking we come to a giant ocean, we walk down onto the sand and there are tons of shells all over the beach. This being is speaking to me of energy flows and how dark & light play a big part if the waxing and waning of our soul energy's, I reach down and I pick up a piece of deep red Coral, I inspect it to find to be a Hawaiian Red Coral... I reach down and rinse it off in the water, and it becomes lighter, very good the guide says to me, i rinse it some more and now it is a pink like the other stones. The guide tells me, as a red coral it is meant to heal blood disorders, but as a pink coral or a shade of Pink it restore harmony to the heart. Your wisdom of instinct is refreshing, you will do well with Lily's mojo.

I thank the guide again, and with all of this medicine in my hands I walk away from the ocean, I pass by an estuary. I look into the estuary to see a swamp on the other side with large white bark trees growing out of the water. I walk through this soggy bog like estuary, my bare feet are muddy and heavy, when i come to the end of the estuary there is a large white bark tree laying on its side. I walk across it and i sit down on the fat stump of roots which keeps me high above the water.

A gator swims up to me and from its mouth it has another gator, it hands me the gator and says, your little flower will need the strength of my brother to hold her together in this life, take this one and make her web from the strength of my tendons.

I thank the gator, and the body of the smaller gator, and i begin to extract the sinew of the gator. I begin to hum my song, Ly-o-lay-ale-loya. (this is honoring women's song) (with no musical instruments only voice, slow and with purpose)

I sit here singing on this stump until the dream catcher is made. Strong, loving, gentle, and full of wisdom. I cry at the beauty of the energy contained with in this piece of spiritual work, and i am amazed at the beauty of spirit to create.

I wrap the dream catcher in the white bark of the bayou trees, and I make my way back to my body. Along the way a spirit comes to me looking very human and he says I have a message for you, please say you have time to hear my message. I tell this spirit once I am in my body I will listen. He says "you must get this message out to the people" They need to know the mess they are about to make!

I enter my body gently....
Here is an example of a three hoop dream catcher.

Lily's will not be separate though, they will be one piece held together with Yellow rather than white leather.
Hmmm....three phases, three ages of terrible times, that only love and connection can survive.

A very deep message, indeed.
I found a dealer today and got the pink coral (OMG this stuff is expensive!)
Still working on the Willow, but going hiking tomorrow for mothers day, so i should have that all wrapped up too, soon. (They took out the willow at my local park)
Native American Dream Weaver,
Thanks again for doing this for Lily. It really means the world to me! Please let me know what this project cost you so I can reimburse you for the materials along with time and energy put into this!
(05-07-2016, 08:19 PM)Elyse Wrote: [ -> ]Native American Dream Weaver,
Thanks again for doing this for Lily. It really means the world to me! Please let me know what this project cost you so I can reimburse you for the materials along with time and energy put into this!

NO WAY! This is a part of my work, and there is no charge for medicine work. I didn't realize that your little ones materials were so rare though, and i also do not believe in getting dyed for fake anything in the place of real medicine. If i am told a Gold nugget was needed, a gold nugget i would find for dream work, not fools gold. I am just thrilled to be back working on some dream medicine my dear, giving an update so you know why i did not send you photos already.

Check out this beautiful pink coral....
Here is another lovely very light pink coral, the piece I got is almost an orange in color.
Oh my gosh! That IS beautiful! You are right about it being expensive... but sooo lovely!
Wow! I cannot wait to see your finished work! I am so excited! And... I'm still in shock over that dream!