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Full Version: Halloween meme
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I've compiled the bot runs over the past two weeks and highlighted words that related to Halloween(in my opinion). Others may see more words, feel free to point 'em out and I'll highlight them.


Trending: strangest crown fought dies lock pointing negative craft thanks anger feeling correct nice beast melted kiss will knowing relation sailor action vampire forced sat pie good signs bunny couple one deal willing bus knew despite eyes might locked machine while 

Waning: daughter bank wild basement wanna yard speed snake reading son means stairs office third yesterday information ghost big setting moon remove hours unsure hazy gym stress hints gab wed fiction 


Trending: comp critical sunday base lived competition team yes reflection there sofa summary immediate class magic sun hilarious aliens rush advances willing view pie relation [/b]sailor[/b] take night sex sword had fix strong into gate added wood church up world physically 

Waning: power club ride material guide minutes beach bedroom crying thank eating save moon force father tower attempt fri grass access action guess mirror crown awesome shared wild 2015 melted strangest 


Trending: spring mon anxiety hole comp tend day hot least done motorcycle regarding gab centre dealing available annoying question porn reality mentally dad crush while random detailed nose brother singing around because single fall well dangerous still up tree invade amount 

Waning: skin note jacket wood chair floating sand church cool gonna dreamt dog nice father boss desk eye rush odyssey story hilarious blank signs castle war yes critical march request fri 


Trending: racist annoying paying sounded fix hostile basically invasion shoes remote led creature dad machine ship dream reaching forward gum lucid fragment reading wild up four alarm biting thief well pull snakes split monster into crush pair hall track dangerous fall 

Waning: jeep church team spring war shooting sand giving base searching current site bank vampire driver days anxiety would passed gravity physical save question tend ghost business lady famous glad motorcycle 


Trending: physical voice turtle influence created source planet heart written why detailed day comp basically fragment wed choose bored drop sacred ship dream called music explosion song amazing lie one creature place grandpa exploding despite damage make remembering base apparently tries 

Waning: daughter lady cousin hill fish died laugh great flight years challenge dead loud drive snake cover sounded fence annoying hostile fire mum gray invasion thank boyfriend snakes racist thanks sun 


Trending: batman superman sick hated cafe depressed argue playground burned max alone wars had spoke up thanks backwards ton kinda natural hey woke wow collection confirm star house were bullets entering computer liquid computers huge detailed rack activity lab today too 

Waning: dress boss job idea words comp avoid sea aliens(mermaids) gold team feet waves desert yard lady childhood written issue experience agree situation men brain relation sun sacred thief mon physical 


Trending: fri throne bar wolves additional rub abandoned max chain clouds row competition transform fighting upwards carefully pouring minutes hate chose approach night stone one being release fragment dad liquid question matter unable earth decide massive bored mom cliff thru food 

Waning: experience drove feeling cold amazing travel sick section vividness bomb basement death odyssey men playground round classroom kiss station wow hated spring depressed burned natural alone argue wed superman batman 


Trending: oops destruction queen throne argument wolf battle clouds spend stone missed ended too leap kicking disappear tie symbolize week threw flat failed driver sat comp yeah soft playing destroy literally gas backyard stopping love taylor hug float spell cool closing 

Waning: riding journal note boy flight scary matter garden asking animal vivid information every ghost women bottom spring superman hospital chain approach class hate question nights row bear remove gab thanks


 Trending: exhilarating royal jester missed absolutely mild straight goal crime gold security court grandfather damn caused language aloud entire taught chicken sun dance up non fan were missing rain engine clue dream april ended argument turned environment massive able near family 

Waning: nap boss party office competition board speak parking fear link clear single bag source oops children paper wolves chinese son fri too hole answer spend hour comp trip wrote wolf 


Trending: invasion celebrity thanks mon rod emergency half stack disease note request starting calm demon helicopter chain gravity remove fish record jester caused planet able text clue mentally effort did heard given lives fact faded hold level point school minutes properly 

Waning: dressed failed rain okay clear track hotel magic memory up ever until spring straight voice basically dance lab forest shoulder missed husband gold mild horse comp throne royal fri exhilarating 


Trending: jester washing court halloween finding period staircase gateway normal machine railing apart awhile shown tornado gate up say alright staring point helicopter ripped remove structure other gosh trying dictionary friday finger ben symbol than began wedding fear school friend child 

Waning: garden surface couch slowly ocean calling boy bike cool seen job energy name god song dog spring naked clear story wonder voice dream superman comp husband chain experience turtle fri 


Trending: days creepy forgot motorcycle view lucid restless mall gas there created giants breathe washing love class had than scenario works massive grandma ten follow eyes boyfriend helicopter wed dirt dream charge family defeated jumping staircase hug approaching down were machine 

Waning: thank garden travel sun including named cool closed voice interpretation plane image ripped 2016 half gravity group icon added welcome request thanks taylor april generic remove wrapping notified invasion alt


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Waning: had excited bridge mon interesting period purple dream sound day crowd halloween one sorry lucid clouds forgot attempt created scenario up sun max throne court there jester class view days 


Trending: triple sync violent comp class poor stands hoping partner perimeter water friend view singing follow chill sleeping although has support river neighborhood project marijuana classroom walk right beautiful there calm tank wrapping mask different notified remember following down puppies bench 

Waning: clouds sorry site christmas dress monsters number helping suppose team stone flew crying grandpa obviously movie king change attempt ability wedding battle wild normal celebrity detail law mon awesome racing 


Trending: halt valley dimension connection cosmic busy laughing pair josh higher shoes chaos cult square final sync backpack ghost candy floating military thick mask chill knife trash float railing throw sat mum lower quickly day path sleeping engine marijuana managed guest 

Waning: been very experience violent order dreamed poor truly had interpretation closed one wow hours days request remove icon up welcome generic added group dreams wrapping alt notified 2016 april dream


Some of the words selected represent costumes kids might wear on Halloween, like superhero costumes.
Thanks DLP! Nice work!
From your list I would also add;
4-14- turtle (ninja turtle)
4-17-scary, spell
From your wonderful compilation what pops out too is
SEASONAL as I see Christmas in there too.
Wondering if Thanksgiving will pop up too.

Wolves howl at a full MOON. Are we looking at a Harvest moon or a Paragree one? As in timeline?

Ghosts are also spirit plasma entities in the astral realm. Perhaps some form of communication
attempts here. (not A.I.) I am bending towards machinations and anomalies at  CERN.

Jester is also a symbol on a playing card- the FOOL.
Playing cards or Tarot- perhaps we should be looking at this avenue for hints
to this riddle before us.
Anyone do tarot readings?

Thinking out loud here.
I'm bumping this thread since we're now in October.
Never saw this thread at the time. Was during a super busy work period. Thanks for bumping it. I'll check back in when I'm off my phone. Arghhhhhh
And today's run, 10-2-16
Thought this also had Halloween connotations

But now I see Iris's dream, and I'm not so sure.

Twice - what is your sense about this?
A lot of references to Halloween in today's run. While there could be a bit of day residue in the run, my vibe is it isn't much. Haven't read any dreams yet, but I know my dreamtimes haven't been remotely what I would call fluffy bunnyland dreams.
Sorry, none of the runs of late have tweeted Hallowe'en to me.... :-) Even the words 'ghost' or 'wizard' didn't do it for me.